Aluminum Body Ford F150 Alert: Galvanic Corrosion Information

The F150 has transitioned from steel to aluminum construction. What does that mean when it comes to the accessories you purchase for your new truck?

The introduction of the new aluminum body to the F150 means big changes in the way you shop for truck accessories. One thing you must carefully consider is the materials the accessories and mounting equipment are made of. Anything made of steel or stainless steel cannot be in direct contact with the aluminum body. If the two metals are touching, you will have galvanic corrosion, which basically is a chemical reaction occurring when two different metals touch. This causes the aluminum to corrode and weaken. For further insight, here is the Wikipedia definition

So what can you do to protect your new truck from galvanic corrosion? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. The easiest path to corrosion prevention is to only use aftermarket accessories designed for the 2015 model-year vehicle. These accessories have been manufactured to ensure the contrasting metals don’t come into contact.
  2. Prior to installing any product to your truck, inspect the vehicle for chipped or damaged paint. If needed, repair any chipped or damaged paint. If a touch-up is needed, we recommend Ford-approved anti-corrosion coatings (Motorcraft PM13-A, NOX-Rust 7703-W, Zinc Rich Primer) and paint (Motorcraft, Duplicolor, Rustoleum).
  3. When using fasteners (nuts, bolts, clamps, etc.), ensure they do not come in contact with the body and the product is held together by a press or interference fit. That means the two parts are held together by the friction of being pushed together and not touched by the fastener.
  4. Not sure if your fasteners are steel or aluminum? Use aluminum washers to keep the steel nut and bolt from coming in contact with the truck body.
  5. If you are using a clamp fastener on the truck, a polypropylene or urethene tape is a dependable isolating layer.

There are specific fasteners to avoid without the proper isolating layer. Self-tapping screws, steel rivnuts, steel pop rivets, steel spring clips, RTV silicone, and stainless steel fasteners all pose corrosion hazards if not correctly isolated.

At, we believe a new truck is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. That’s why we carry a wide assortment of 2015 F150-specific accessories, keeping you from any worry over harmful galvanic corrosion. Here is the full statement put out by Ford. Hopefully this will help you make an educated decision related to accessories for your new F150.

Note: The image is an extreme example of galvanic corrosion but we included it to illustrate the fact that there can be servere damage done to your vehicle.

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