2016 GMC Sierra Denali | Mud Flaps

2016 GMC Sierra Denali | Mud Flaps

Do you own, or are looking at buying a 2016 | 2017 GMC Sierra Denali?  You have decided you want some mud flaps or its the law and you need some mud guards. Since you bought a Denali, I'm guessing you don't want just some run of the mill guards. You could go that route, but you have already spent tens of thousands of dollars on the vehcile. Why skimp on something like this? The Gatorback Mud Flaps with the Denali logo come in a few different styles depending on your vehicle and are sure to make your vehicle look better.


If you drive a Yukon or Yukon XL Denali the Gatorback 12"x23" mud flaps are going to be your best bet. These flaps will fit in any standard wheel well and offer you plenty of coverage to protect your vehicle. As with most Gatorback mud guards there are a couple different styles to choose from. These flaps can be installed without brackets by using the factory provided self tapping screws and mounting them to the fender and wheel well liner. This is how they were originally installed and you can not go wrong with that. But if you are looking for a little more stability and security for the flap there are No-Drill Custom Brackets available for the rear wheel.

There is a mud flap with an offically licensed Denali logo on a polished stainless steel plate. This is an eye catching choice for sure. The second option you have is the Denali logo with a black background. These flaps do not have the flash or shine of the stainless plates but thats the point. You get a good looking flap that will match your vehicle if you go with the opposite of the shine of chrome. The 12"x23" Gatorback mud guards will work on your 2017 GMS Sierra 1500 Denali as well. As a matter of fact they will work on 2017 GMS Sierra 2500 Denali and 2017 GMS Sierra 3500 Denali with single rear wheels.

If you want the flaps with a little more length because you have a lift kit in your truck or SUV, or because you are looking for a little more protection the 12"x26" Gatorback Mud Flaps are what you are looking for. These flaps are still designed to fit in a single tire wheel well, they are simple 3" longer.

If you have a dually 2017 GMS Sierra 3500 Denali both the polished staineless steel plate and the black wrap plate options are avaible to you. There are flaps dually flaps that are 19"x24" and 21"x24". They have the same plate it is just that the 21's are 2" wider than that 19's. The best way to know which one would fit your truck best is to simply measure the wheel wheel, from the inside to as far out as you would want the flap to be. This will let you know what flap size you need. As with all of our dually flaps, we highly recommend you get brackets for them. The reason is the 19" flaps weight about 9 lbs. each and the 21" flaps come in close to 11 lbs. There simply is not enough surface to attach the flaps to support them. The weight of these flaps reduce or eliminate sailing that can happen with lighter, lower quality dually flaps. With sailing not an issue you don't have to worry about what you are towing getting chipped or nicked up from rocks or other rodad debris your tires might pick up.


Here is a rundown of the features of the Gatorback Mud Flaps:

  • Made from top of line heavy duty virgin rubber. That is the best rubber you can buy, it has not been recycled a few times and lost some of its flexibility or resilience.
  • 12"x23" have nearly 5 lbs each of this high quality rubber
  • 12"x26" weigh in at 6 lbs
  • 19"x24" flaps weigh 9 lbs
  • 21"x24" flaps are 11 lbs each
  • 304 pressed stainless steel plates
  • Black background plates have hand applied vinyl background
  • The logos are die stamped for a perfect look every time

In addition to the Denali logo mud flaps there are several ther GMC branded mud guards to choose from. You will find all of your options here.

If you want custom fit no drill brackets to make installation easier here is everything SharpTruck has to offer. These brackets are custom fit for your vehicle and use existing holes to attaching them to the vehicle. With the brackets the flaps will have a very solid base to attach to and will be the most secure.


If you have oversized tires with your lifted truck we have you covered as well. We offer a full line of Offset Brackets as well, they come in 5/8", 1" or 2" offset brackets to make sure that your tires will not rub on your flaps.


All Gatorback Mud Guards come with a Lifetime Warranty on the rubber. If they flaps comes off for any reason, keep the plate and let us know. We will send you a replacement flap free of charge in the mail.

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