Aries Seat Defender: Seat Protection Made Easy

If you work hard, play hard, or do both with your truck, one fact universally applies: If you’re not careful, there are many ways to quickly ruin your vehicle’s seats. Dirt, water, food, drinks, mud, oil, grease, and animal hair are just a few of many factors that create messes and unsightly stains in a hurry.

This is where the Aries Seat Defender saves the day (and your truck’s interior). An innovative, use-as-needed seat protection system, it is impervious to any spill.

Expert Design, Simple to Install

Featuring 100 percent waterproof material, the Aries Seat Defender also has dual-layer anti-skid protection that doesn’t scratch or damage the original fabric of your Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, Dodge RAM, GMC Sierra, or Toyota Tundra.

No matter what you drive, the Seat Defender is made to dependably cover any seat. It has a universal fit and can be ordered in a bucket or bench style. Installation and removal are meant to be done with ease and can be done in a matter of seconds. Watch the insatllation of the buckets seat cover.

Versatility for Your Truck or SUV

Going hunting, off-roading or anywhere there isn't pavement? Slip the cover on and in a matter of seconds you’re seat is protected for the duration of your adventure.

Does your dog or cat like to hit the road with you? The Aries Seat Defender slips off and on quickly, preserving the condition of original seating and keeping it fresh your next roadside companion.

Do you work in an industry that makes it hard to keep your seats clean on a daily basis? The cover comes in attractive colors and patterns to keep your interior aesthetically sharp even when used on more of a long-term basis.

Are you a parent? Do you often find yourself on the edge of worry about messes children so easily cause? The Aries Seat Defender is a simple solution to keeping your interior spotless while making any crumbs, spills, or mud a breeze to clean.

Maintenance of the Aries Seat Defender couldn’t be easier. Made of wrinkle-proof fabric, it is designed to look smooth and sleek every time you slide it on. It is machine washable and easily folded and stored in your truck or SUV.

Taking quality care of your truck or SUV interior should not be tedious. The Aries Seat Defender provides the benefits of maximum protection and easy installation in designs and colors to suit your personal preference.

Do you need to an upgrade to your seat protection? Which solution makes the most sense for you? Our customer service experts at SharpTruck are available to answer your questions. Reach out to someone on our experienced team at (800) 218-0609.

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