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Dakota Products AutoZyme Pre-Spot

$ 30.00
Product Details
  • Dissolves organic stains and odors
  • Cleaner and odor eliminator
  • Mist on the stain and it up
  • 1 quart makes 8 gallons of cleaner
  • Dilute with water in a spray bottle
  • VOC compliant
Part #: ATZ-32
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AutoZyme is a concentrated enzymatic Cleaner & Odor Eliminator. You simply mix it with water for some of the best cleaning arount. One quart will make up to 8 gallons of heavy duty stain remover.

It is easy to use, once you have mixed it just spray it on the stain you want to remove. Let the enzymes do their job for a few minutes and then wipe it up.

This is great for cleaning up high odor stains that other cleaners cannot handle. If you have vomit, or other body fluids, rotten milk, pet mess and about any other orgainc stains. Simply clean up the bulk of it and apply the cleaner. 

Use With a spray bottle Just pour an ounce or two into a quart bottle, fill with water and watch stains dissolve before your eyes. Use as a mist to eliminate foul odors from upolstered seats or carpeting. 

Style VOC Compliant
Style Spot Remover
Style Air Fresheners