Best Mud Flaps For Chevy Silverado 3500 Dually Trucks

Do you need protection from rocks and road debris and are wondering, "what is the best mud flaps for my dually truck"? Nothing available on the market today stands up to the quality and craftsmanship you get from the heavy duty Gatorback series mud guards.  These rubber truck mud flaps are the toughest protection on the market.  Rocks, snow, sand and anything that the road can throw at you stand no chance. These rubber flaps also add the perfect finishing touch to your Chevy Silverado 3500 dually truck.

What style of flaps do you need?

Gatorback 12"x23" cut style mud flaps are perfect for the front of Chevrolet trucks. The rear dually flaps are available in either a 19" or 21" wide flap. The 19" wide offers standard protection where as the 21" wide gives you more coverage and a heavier reinforce bottom plate section to hold up to years of abuse.  Do I buy the 19" or 21" dually flaps? That is a matter of preference since they both mount to the truck in the same way and are made of similar high quality materials.

Do you need mounting brackets?

Yes.  These heavy duty flaps are no joke, they weigh around 10 pound each, so the use of some sort of support bracket is strongly suggested.  Bracket kits are sold separately, but Truck Hardware does make custom fit mounting brackets for Chevy Silverado 3500 Dually Trucks... the custom fit part number is GB756991.

Do they come with the GM Logos?

Absolutely! There are a variety of styles to choose from... Chevy Bowtie, Duramax, High Country, Z71 and more all officially licensed from General Motors.

Don't let the price fool you... you get what you pay for and these Gatorbacks aren't cheap! Once you add these mud flaps to your pickup, you're going to get looks as you roll down the road once you add these accessories to your truck. These 1/2" think mud mats give you piece of mind that whatever you may be towing is being protected at all times.

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