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Keep Snow And Mud Off Your Nerf Bars

If your truck has nerf bars on it you might have noticed how snow, slush, mud and all other kinds of road gunk can get thrown up and collect on your nerf bars. This can make your side steps slippery, cause you to track all that build up into your cab. 

What are the AVS Aeroskin types?

The AVS Aeroskin Hood Protector is an easy to install hood shield that will help protect your truck from rock chips and other debris that can be thrown back at your truck. The AeroSkin is a low profile, contour hugging shield. This will protect your hood from rock chips, bugs, and other debris that ...

Here is a guide for the Truck Hardware Gatorback mud flaps and brackets you need to keep your Nissan Titan and Titan XD protected. The Titan flaps and brackets are brand new to Truck Hardware and they have yet again developed a flap and bracket combo that features a no-body drill installation along with industry leading quality.

How To Install An AVS Aeroskin Hood Protector

The AVS Aeroskin Hood Protector is an excellent choice for keeping rock chips from forming on your hood. These hood shields are the lowest-profile available and are resistant to wear-and-tear as well as being car wash safe!  So, how do I install my AVS Aeroskin bug shield you may ask? Installing an AVS Aeroskin is easy and can usually be accomplished in less than 10 minutes.  In this article, we will review the basic steps to have you on the way to protecting your vehicle.

How to clean up vomit in your car and other places

Well, it finally happened……someone threw up in your car. When this happens, it can add insult to injury. The smell of vomit by itself is gag inducing but then you put it inside a vehicle cab and it is almost too much. It is very important that this gets cleaned up thoroughly or the smell might linger indefinitely. Luckily in a few simple steps you can have this cleaned up quickly.

Review of the Truxedo Lo-Pro Tonneau Cover

Spring is here and keeping the bed of your truck dry and secure is only one click away by purchasing a tonneau cover for your truck bed. There are a variety of different covers available today, so which one is the right choice for you? We've tested many different covers and we believe that one of the best overall quality truck bed covers available is the Lo-Pro from Truxedo.

What do I need to install Gatorback mud flaps on my Dodge Ram Truck?

If you have a Dodge Ram pickup and are looking at installing Gatorback mud flaps on it, there are a few things that you’ll need to know before you choose what style to purchase. The same custom cut front mud flap style is available for the 2009-2018 Ram’s and changes to the body style during those years did not affect the ability to install Gatorbacks into the wheel wells with self-tapping screws. The information below pertains to any 2009-2018 Ram 1500 and 2010-2018 Ram 2500/3500 models.

Getting Your Car Ready to Store Outside

Storing your car outdoors for an extended amount of time can really take toll on the vehicle unless you take the proper precautions. Like anything that is outside and exposed to the elements, inactivity and the sun’s harmful UV rays you car will not be in as good of shape as when you left it. By taking a few simply steps you can protect your car so it looks and runs as good as the day you stored it.

Gatorback Z71 Mud Flaps For Silverado & Sierra Trucks

If you're like me and want to keep rocks from chipping the paint on your new Chevy or GMC truck, these awesome Gatorback Mud Flaps are the best on the market for keeping your trucks showroom new look after putting miles on the road.  Not only are these mud flaps an essential for protecting your truck, these new "Z71" logos which are Officially Licensed by General Motors will match the look of your Z71 packaged truck to give you style and class that most other trucks can't match on the road.

2017 Ford Super Duty Gatorback Mud Flap Options

With the new Ford Super Duty being on the market for a few months now there are some really good options available from Truck Hardware Gatorback mud flaps to make sure that your truck not only looks its best but also is protecting it from rock chips, mud, or anything else your tires might kick up.


To try and take some confusion out of what is needed to get the flaps installed and on your truck we have created some packages, that include everything you will need. They include the front and rear mud flaps and the front and rear no-drill brackets.

Winter Essentials That You Need For Your Truck

Winter weather driving is upon us but what do you need for your truck to protect it from the harsh weather that is to come? To keep your truck prepared for old man winter, you obviously need the essentials like jumper cables, blankets and emergency kits; those items will help keep you safe in winter conditions, but let’s review a few products to help guard your truck from the elements as well.

Why You Should Use Mud Flaps or Mud Guards

It doesn’t matter if you have a car, truck or SUV, having mud flaps is a must. Why are mud guards so important, you may ask? These easy to install accessories deflect grime and dirt, keeping your truck clean and mud free even while driving at high speeds. Mud flaps, popularly known as splash guards or mud guards, offer great protection from many weather conditions and loose debris on the highway. While driving, your tires are constantly throwing up mud, dirt, rocks, tar, salt, water as well as other elements common on the road. All of this harmful slush, road grime as well as debris splatters onto your vehicles paint and in time can cause corrosion of the metal and damaging the paint on your truck, leading to unsightly rust to your vehicle and also its frame.

How Does A Bug Deflector Protect Your Vehicle

Asking what the job of a bug deflector seems silly, don’t you think? After all, bug deflectors should deflect bugs, right? Its name is pretty straightforward, but then it seems like that is just too simple! With that, you still might wonder if this bug shield does deflect bugs and how it works. Let’s discuss the nitty gritty details of how a bug shield works.

What is a Tonneau Cover?

What is a Tonneau Cover? The definition of a Tonneau cover as defined by Wikipedia is: A hard or soft cover used to protect unoccupied passenger seats in a convertible or roadster, or the cargo bed in a pickup truck. Hard tonneau covers open by a hinging or folding mechanism while soft covers open by rolling up. The tonneau cover is used to conceal and or cover cargo. When the cover is pulled out, it keeps items out of the sun and provides extra security by keeping personal items out of sight.

Details of the newly redesigned 2018 Chevy Equinox are beginning to come out. The new models are expected to be slightly smaller than the current version and feature a 1.6L Turbocharged Diesel engine that is estimated to produce 40 MPG in an SUV! The second best selling vehicle behind the Chevy Silverado this year has been the Equinox.
Here are the latest vehicle recalls that the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has published. The list is updated as the NHTSA publishes the recalls.

Buying a car can be a big investment, it will likely be one of the biggest transactions of your life. Keeping your car clean and waxing it will protect and add life to the paint and clear coat. This will make sure your vehicle will look great longer and the paint not fade when being exposed to UV rays.

Now that fall is upon us, winter and the forces of Mother Nature won't be too far behind! Before the cold and dangerous weather of winter set in, its important to brush up on your knowledge of these safe driving tips to help get you to your destination safely.
Driving has become a common routine that people sometimes take for granted. They forget what a major responsible it is to be driving and safe habits to practice while they are on the road. Whether you are running errands, driving to work or picking up kids at school, you just want to make sure that you will arrive at the location as soon as possible. Safe driving can do a lot not only for you, but also for other people on the road. When you get behind the wheel, you should pay attention to what is happening around you. Practicing safe driving tips can help you stay safe on the road.
Safe Driving
So you're out on a date with that special someone in your new truck that you've accessorized here at SharpTruck, at the dinner table the check comes but how do you figure out how much to tip the waiter or waitress without pulling out your phone to do the math? Here are a couple quick and easy ways to figure out that tip amount without the need of your smartphone (she'll be impressed)... leaving you to look as good as your truck does!

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