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If you're like most of us, a birthday or other special occasion is coming up and you are looking for a gift but just can't come up with anything that the special someone in your life would like... check out these great truck accessories
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How do you figure out how much rise or drop you need in your towing ball mount? With the wide range of trucks and SUVs available today, it isn’t often that a trailer is a perfect match to its towing partner. For this reason, ball mounts are available in a variety of sizes that offer different amounts of rise and drop to compensate for varying heights of the towing vehicles and trailer. To find the proper ball mount for, you have to measure to figure out what rise or drop is needed.

Here is the list of Cadillac recalls. Check to see if your vehicle is involved in the latest safety recalls. This list is published by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Here is the list of Chrysler recalls. Check to see if your vehicle is involved in the latest safety recalls. This list is published by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Many vehicles have so many features that we have never even heard about much less have used. We have compiled a list of our favorites features below that you will enjoy learning more about!
With so many different trucks available today and every one is capable of towing a different amount of weight, how do you calculate your trucks towing capacity? You never want to tow more than your trucks maximum capacity for the safety of you and other drivers on the road. Many of us truck owners don't know the proper way to figure out our safe load limits of our pickup trucks. Here are some items to get familiar with when you're ready for your next towing job.
What have I learned from living in North Dakota for many years? I've learned that winter is cold and my vehicle needs to be prepared! This is not only the case for us in North Dakota, but anyone in the upper part the United States. Just like people need jackets, stocking hats, and gloves, vehicles need to be prepared too. So, what do I do in preparation in months leading up to the cold winter weather? Follow along below as I give you my 5 steps to preparing your car or truck for colder weather!
When looking for a new tonneau cover there are many options you should be considering. For example, do you want a hard cover or soft cover, is it durable and secure, and is it easy to use. Truxedo is now releasing two new covers that have taken your needs into account, and they are called the Sentry and the Sentry CT. What is the difference you ask, let us explain!
What size mud flaps do I need? Have you ever asked yourself or someone else that question? We often get asked how long Gatorback flaps will hang down from the fender and what size one should get based on their truck. So as with most aspects of trucks, each one is different and so is the length from the fender to the end of the flap. Because this is the case, we have put together a table to help you find which size of mud flaps are best for you!
Thank you to for the great video on cleaning your vehicle properly! It’s almost summer which means it’s almost time to show off your car or truck! Washing your vehicle can be a difficult thing to do correctly. Especially if you are trying to keep your vehicle’s paint in tact for the long run. Almost every car or truck on the road has small scratches or inconsistencies, because washing was done incorrectly for many reasons. Follow along below for some great tips and steps to keep your vehicle clean!

It doesn’t matter if you have a car, truck or SUV, having mud flaps is a must. Why are mud guards so important, you may ask? These easy to install accessories deflect grime and dirt, keeping your truck clean and mud free even while driving at high speeds. Mud flaps, popularly known as splash guards or mud guards, offer great protection from many weather conditions and loose debris on the highway. While driving, your tires are constantly throwing up mud, dirt, rocks, tar, salt, water as well as other elements common on the road. All of this harmful slush, road grime as well as debris splatters onto your vehicles paint and in time can cause corrosion of the metal and damaging the paint on your truck, leading to unsightly rust to your vehicle and also its frame.

If you have been wondering what the differences are between the Gatorback mud flaps and a standard molded mud flap, you aren’t the only one. We get asked all the time what the differences are between the two flaps. So, before we compare the two flaps directly, we will outline the main attributes of each flap.

What does everybody like to have? We love our choices and having variety! And when buying a truck this is especially true. For example, no one shirt fits the same or is the same size. You have many options from slim to loose fit, and short, long, or no sleeves at all. So, when you’re buying accessories for your truck, knowing what type of cab size you have is crucial. Having the right knowledge ensures that everything fits properly, and it allows for easy installation.

No matter who you are, the floor of your vehicle is bound to become a mess at some point in time. If you can relate to this frequent hassel, you know how much of a challenge the cleanup can be. The experts at WeatherTech have made note of your problems and have come up with their best solutions to them. Follow along below to find out if they have the answers you’ve been looking for as we break down the WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats!

It’s that time of year in colder climates that you often find ice covered parking lots and surfaces. Most of those who have braved winters have found that firm footing is not always easy to come by and slipping and falling is a very common occurrence. According to it has been estimated that each year just under 1 million people arrive at the hospital and 17,000 people die...

Each truck make and model is different. So, if your measurement happens to be an inch or two off from the stated length below or the manufacturers specifications, don’t panic. Rounding of bed length numbers is very common, however your measurement should be within a couple inches of the stated length. After measuring your bed length, compare to the following table below to see how it matches up in order to find which bed length you have on your truck.

The above title is a little misleading. You can’t separate a car from its color. For instance, a black Cadillac Escalade means you aspire to be a famous hip-hop artist, whereas a black Ford F-150 means you’re a good ol’ boy with a .12 gauge in the lock box.

For no other reason than a few laughs, here’s what your car colors says about you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the SharpTruck family! We know most of you might be traveling for the holidays so we have provided some tips so you can arrive safely to your destination.

If your truck has nerf bars on it you might have noticed how snow, slush, mud and all other kinds of road gunk can get thrown up and collect on your nerf bars. This can make your side steps slippery, cause you to track all that build up into your cab.

The AVS Aeroskin Hood Protector is an easy to install hood shield that will help protect your truck from rock chips and other debris that can be thrown back at your truck. The AeroSkin is a low profile, contour hugging shield. This will protect your hood from rock chips, bugs, and other debris that might otherwise hit your hood. Here is a quick overview of how easy the Aeroskin is to install

There are 3 main finishes or styles to choose from with your AeroSkin

Matte Black

This is the newest style for the shield, it differs from the smoke finish in that it is not translucent and is more subtle than the smoke finishes have. This is perfect to match other black OEM accessories or if you are looking for a more muted look.


The name speaks for itself, AVS take a plastic shield and chromes it for a great high mirror finish that is second to none.


The classic shield finish, it has been around since shields were created. It is a semi-translucent finish and does not have the muted black of the matte black finish.

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