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Curved Light Bar vs Straight Light Bar | What's the Difference

When looking to buy a new light bar there are many things to consider. Brightness, size, brand, IP rating, beam pattern etc. One thing is for sure a light bar is not a light bar. Here we will talk about the differences and similarities between curved and straight light bars. The first thing you will probably notice is that most of the compatibles are the same. The lengths of both are usually the same, light output (lumens). They use the same mounting brackets etc. So with all of that being the same what is the difference? There are two main things, the beam pattern and appearance when mounting.

What Are LED Lights Made Of | What Is An LED

You hear about LED lights and LED light bars for your truck all the time, but what is an LED light made of? This is a question that you may have wondered about, but if you're like me, all you really care about is how much light the LED light bar that is on our truck puts out. For the other people who are wondering what an LED light is, read more below.

Portable Cordless Rechargeable LED Work Light Work Lamp w/Hanging Hooks, Magnetic Base, Gripper Claw

The Hi-Tech Rechargeable Cordless LED Work Light Bar is really something you didn’t know you needed until you see or use one. This rechargeable led work light has a magnetic base that will allow you to attach it any magnetic surface. These magnets are located on each end of this Portable LED work light, ensuring that this light will stay where you put it. If you are working in your wheel well you can secure the light to the side of your vehicle. It can be attached underneath the body to light underneath while you are working on the ground or it can provide back lighting from underneath to help you see what you are doing.
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