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Tire Dressing Side by Side Comparisons | Which is best?

SharpTruck carries different types of dressings for your vehicle. If you want a silicone dressing that will give you a long lasting shine or if you prefer a water-based dressing that will not fish eye your vehicles if there is over spray. There is an easy to use option in a can if you need a quick shine or touch up to get your vehicle looking its best.

One of the Best Interior Dressing for Cars|Aerosol Dressings and Conditioning Spray

Hi-Tech Quick Shot Aerosol Dressing amounts to a clean car in a can and will make your auto interior shine like new. Whether you have a vehicle that is just off the showroom floor or maybe you haven't cleaned it since Y2K Hi-Tech Quick Shot is the interior car dressing you can't live without. The detailer will give even the oldest faded, dried out vinyl or plastic dashboards new life
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