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What is the purpose of a bug deflector?

A bug deflector does what its name says... It deflects bugs and other debris from your hood and windshield, providing extra protection for your truck or SUV. Bug shields deflect airflow up slightly from the hood surface. This pushes most bugs, rocks, and debris up and away from your windshield. Along with deflecting bugs, bug shields also protect the leading edge of your hood from rock chips and other road obstructions that might fly up at you on your way down the road.

What Is Lowest Profile Hood Protector For Trucks

Do you want a hood protector or bug shield that fits tight to your hood, but won't take away from the look of your truck? AutoVentshade, or AVS, makes a terrific product called the AeroSkin Hood Protector. This stylish hood protector installs to the front contours of your hood with 3M tape leaving no gap between the hood shield and the surface of your truck.
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