Body Fluid Cleanup Kit

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  • Dr. Foamy Enzyme Carpet Cleaner - 18 oz can
  • Auto Magic Fabric Cleaner Plus - 19 oz can
  • 1 - Magnolia Texas Scrub Brush
  • 2 - Hi-Tech 16"x24" Super Plush Microfiber Towel
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    This combination of products will have what you need to clean up unpleasant messes from the body. Whether it's a pet accident, someone gets sick or other messes these products will make clean-up easier.

    For best results clean up the main portion of the mess then apply the Dr. Foamy and let it stay on the area for up to 30 minutes. The foaming action and enzymes will help break down the stain and help neutralize the odor. Then use the agitator brush and the towel to dab the area dry.

    If there is still a lingering stain use the Fabric Cleaner Plus. Apply it and let it stay on the area again for a few mins. Again use the brush to agitate the area and the clean towel to dab up the remaining moisture.

    Weight5 lb(s)
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