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Toyota Tacoma Bug Deflectors

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It's hard to imagine a molded piece of plastic installed on the front of your truck or SUVs hood can add protection while pushing bugs and debris up and away from the windshield, but thats exactly what the purpose of a bug deflector or hood shield is. There is an enormous selection of different styles and types of bug deflectors available today, so choosing a custom bug deflector can be a bit of a job. At SharpTruck, we carry many of the top brands from the leading manufacturers in the vehicle accessories business to guarantee you a durable, long-lasting look for years to come!

We are all aware of the havoc bugs can wreak on our vehicles, from clogging up the radiator to damaging our paint jobs. For this reason, offers bug deflectors to help us cope with this troublesome issue. While they are very handy they can also add aesthetic flair to your truck or SUV.

How does a bug deflector work?

The one and only job this accessory has is to do what the name says, deflect bugs. How it does this is by basically deflecting air, or rather altering the flow of air that rushes towards the vehicle.

This creates a slipstream that forces the bugs and some light debris over and away from the vehicle. Whenever you pass by a lake, river, marsh, general wetlands area, or anywhere flying insects are abundant, a bug deflector is there to protect your hood and windshield from the splatters. Your Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, or Toyota Tundra will likely be splashed with flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs on occasion, but minimizing the damage is surely a better option than having the entire bug on your windshield, hood, or even in the cab of your vehicle if you like to cruise with the window open. As an added bonus it also acts as a protector against small stones and stone chips.

What are bug deflectors made of?

Bug deflectors are sometimes made from an extremely durable acrylic that is basically indestructible and resistant to scratches, ensuring that the deflector will almost always look brand new. They can be made from ABS plastic that is molded by impact, too. In fact, there are a variety of high-quality materials on the market that can be used in the production of bug deflectors. SharpTruck offers top quality products to ensure your accessory is virtually indestructible and can properly endure the friction it is continuously be exposed to. If it isn't, it wouldn't be capable of handling the air pressure and friction it needs to tolerate, especially when you’re cruising your pickup truck or SUV at very high speeds.

How to choose right bug deflector for your vehicle

The factors which determine the deflector you for your vehicle depends on the make, model and year of your truck or SUV. They almost always have different shapes that will make it next to impossible to fit and use the wrong one. Please refer to the make, model, and year filter at the top of our website to ensure you’re purchasing the proper fitment.

In terms of functionality, it has to be aerodynamic and fit perfectly in order for it to work effectively. A bug shield made for the Toyota Tundra will definitely not do a Ford F-150 any favors just like one that was made for a Dodge Ram will not work on a Chevy Silverado. This is because each vehicle shape creates an airflow unique to its form and the air has to be bent just right to blow the bugs up and over the top of the vehicle, preferably without it splattering its innards all over your pride and joy.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all bug deflector. The deflector's angle is also one of the main factors of a successful deflecting action. If it is too upright, it won't create a significant slipstream, meaning the bugs will still hit the vehicle and the deflector only translates into yet another thing to clean. This is just a huge insect masher. If it lays too flat it would not make any difference in the airflow meaning nothing would change. Your vehicle will still be covered in the kind of debris you hate wasting time to scrape and scrub.

Do bug deflectors really work?

This accessory works with complex aerodynamics, meaning it needs high-level tests to ensure it works as it should. While these deflectors are often tested in wind tunnels to make sure the design is just right, some are more effective than others. Success in testing is achieved with the use of sophisticated computational fluid dynamics programs and wind tunnel testing.

Ultimately, is committed to carrying proven, premium-quality brands such as AVS, PDM, Wade, and WeatherTech. These companies manufacture the type of deflectors, shields, and grille inserts that are made to last, tested to perfection, and minimize the gunk that can stick to your truck, especially during those bug-heavy spring and summer months.

Does your bug deflector add to the look of your truck or SUV?

We know about the human vanity factor, especially when it comes to your Ford F-150, Ford F-250, Ford F-350, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra, Yukon, or other favorite truck or SUV… If something is worth buying it has to look the part. This is no different for deflectors and many of them have also become quite eye catching to accommodate those who just need a little something extra or unique to add to their vehicle.

Whether you go with an AVS, PDM, Wade, or WeatherTech, they are available in many different designs and colors to please even the most colorful personality, while other designs would suit a less elaborate type.

Whatever your personality, aims to provide the type of bug deflectors that put your personal stamp on your vehicle. Whether you are a farmer, rancher, construction professional, landscaper, highway warrior, or more of an off-road type, our goal is to have you covered.

Bug Deflectors and Fuel Consumption

Anything that makes a vehicle aerodynamic will have a positive effect on fuel consumption. This is true for the bug deflector, too, although the difference is hardly noticeable and then only if the vehicle drives at high speed.

In the long run, it does add up. The reason for the vehicle being lighter on fuel is because the engine does not work quite as hard if the vehicle is aerodynamic as there is less wind resistance.

Who makes quality bug deflectors?

As previously mentioned, AVS, WeatherTech, Wade, and PDM have professional products tested and developed by industry experts. They know their stuff. They have been accessorizing vehicles for many years and are considered top-notch in their field. At SharpTruck, if you cannot find what you need, please contact our customer service experts who are standing by to assist. Whether you’re looking to accessorize and/or trick out your GMC Sierra pickup truck, Jeep, or any truck or SUV in between, our goal is to ensure you find what you need and are happy with your selection.

What is the purpose of a bug deflector?

A bug deflector does what its name says... It deflects bugs and other debris from your hood and windshield, providing extra protection for your truck or SUV. Bug shields deflect airflow up slightly from the hood surface. This pushes most bugs, rocks, and debris up and away from your windshield. Along with deflecting bugs, bug shields also protect the leading edge of your hood from rock chips and other road obsticals that might fly up at you on your way down the road.

What options are available for bug deflectors?

There are a lot of bug deflectors available online, but at SharpTruck we carry the most durable, dependable options on the market. Bug deflectors are generally available in a smoke or chrome finish. The form and fit varies depending on the product, but many people prefer the lower-profile fit opposed to the original vertical shield look. No single bug deflector is created equal, the top brands spend countless hours of testing to get the proper aerodynamic design to move debris away from your vehicle. No one hood protector will work the same on every truck.  Because of the variations in body styles, the angle and fit to the vehicle is one of the most important aspects in the design to get enough airflow away from the hood and windshield area and in turn make the bug deflector effective.

How easy are they to install?

Most shields are manufactured to use existing holes from the factory to eliminate the need to drill into your vehicle. Installation is relatively easy and instructions are always provided when your order arrives at the door. Some hood protectors like the AVS AeroSkin install directly to the hood of your truck or SUV with 3M automotive grade tape.  Others use the pre-existing factory holes or special clips to attach the shield to the inside of the hood.

Do they protect against large rock chips?

No. Although bug deflectors will help to prevent small hood chips, it is near impossible for a larger rock to be deflected enough by the air flow off of a bug shield and not cause a windshield chip.

What Brands are the best to buy?

SharpTruck provides you great value on reputable shields made by AVS, Putco, Stampede & WeatherTech and more. We have many of the most popular fitments that work perfectly with your Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra or whatever brand of truck or SUV you drive!  Bug shields and hood deflectors are a cheap and easy way to accessorize your ride and provide you with piece of mind that you have an extra layer of protection leading your truck down the road.

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