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California DOT Mud Flap Laws and Requirements

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According to the California Vehicle Code SECTION 27600-27607 the state regulations for mud flaps are as follows:

27600.  No person shall operate any motor vehicle having three or
more wheels, any trailer, or semitrailer unless equipped with
fenders, covers, or devices, including flaps or splash aprons, or
unless the body of the vehicle or attachments thereto afford adequate
protection to effectively minimize the spray or splash of water or
mud to the rear of the vehicle and all such equipment or such body or
attachments thereto shall be at least as wide as the tire tread.
This section does not apply to those vehicles exempt from
registration, trailers and semitrailers having an unladen weight of
under 1,500 pounds, or any vehicles manufactured and first registered
prior to January 1, 1971, having an unladen weight of under 1,500

If you think this description for California DOT mud flap requirement sis pretty vague, it is, and I think they made it that way for a reason. When it comes down to it, if you were wondering what are mud flaps size requirements in California, the answer is big enough and low enough to the ground to provide adequate protection.  We weren't able to locate an official  mud flaps height standard in California and according to the CVC 27600-27607, it is not specifically called-out either.

Since the exact specifications are not laid-out for us, one can only assume if you install a proper pair of mud flaps with a reasonable intention of complying with the law, you should be fine.  However, if you are concerned about the legality of your mud flap installation, your best bet is to always check with local law enforcement or the DOT to get an answer.

If you are in need of mud flaps SharpTruck has the right option for you, see all of our mud flaps

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