Cargo Liners: Protection for the long (or short) haul

When it comes to keeping your SUV or truck interior clean, we all know this battle starts with the floor in the seating areas - a place where shoes, food, drinks, tools, and countless other factors create rips, stains, and other nuisances.

Another area where this damage is common is the cargo area of your SUV or truck. Whether you’re taking a long road trip, driving the kids to soccer practice, or making a quick propane or mower gas run, the floor of your cargo area takes on many varieties of abuse.

The best way to provide ultimate protection is a cargo liner. Lines from WeatherTech and Husky are computer-designed and manufactured to custom-fit the surface, shielding every nook and cranny from permanent damage. Ridges and channels redirect fluids so they stay centralized instead of spreading throughout the floor.

Aesthetically, a quality cargo liner creates a seamless, professional look. No shifting, bending, or rolling… just a clean, tight fit.

At SharpTruck, we know your SUV or truck is your pride and joy. Keeping your interior clean and stain-free can be easily done with the right cargo liner. If you have questions about which option best fits your ride, reach our customer service experts at (800) 218-0609.

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