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Toyota Tacoma Chrome Trim

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With so many customization options available for your pickup or SUV, drivers have to be reminded of the ‘little things’ once in a while so certain parts and features do not go ignored. One of the most common misconceptions many people hold is that aftermarket additions come with a bank-breaking cost, and there is no alternative way to spruce up the vehicle's appearance without spending a fortune. You may or may not have heard about chrome accessories, but did you know this aftermarket addition provides a stunning look with minimal cost?

In fact, chrome trim is an absolute treasure for those who wish to modify their Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, Dodge RAM, GMC Yukon, Ford Explorer, Jeep or whatever your truck or SUV of choice is. Chrome trim brings out its flashier side without going overboard with related expenses. Not only is chrome cost-effective, but it also helps add a hefty amount of class to almost any ride, instantly! Regardless of your vehicle type or model, you can use chrome in its exterior to give it a little edge that is bound to turn a few heads.

Benefits of Chrome Trim for my Truck or SUV

What exactly is chrome trim? The term primarily refers to a large number of products that are either chrome coated or chrome plated. Usually, these products comprise of high-yielding ABS plastic or stainless steel with the chrome element added later on. Chrome's biggest strength is perhaps its versatility and the fact that it looks good with almost everything. There is no need to worry about finding the perfect match for your truck's color because chrome looks good paired with every color you can possibly imagine.

At, we carry a variety of chrome products to suit your preference. Whether you’re looking for a ventvisor, bug deflector, tailgate insert, grille inserts, bumper insert, handle cover, mirror cover, or window sill trim, our professionals at SharpTruck have the chrome customizations from AVS (Auto Vent Shade), PDM (Precision Design Manufacturing), and Truck Hardware that ramp up the style of your vehicle.

Chrome accessories are available in various shapes and sizes, each ideally designed to accentuate specific areas of your ride. You should choose chrome accessories depending on the exterior features of your SUV or truck. When correctly done, chrome can infuse an entirely new personality into your vehicle, making it look better than ever.

Small Chrome Accents Make a Big Difference to Your Truck or SUV

While chrome can be used for many parts of a truck SUV, some areas often go neglected because owners do not find it relevant. If you get excited about the details when it comes to yoru vehicle, then consider checking out using chrome in the following parts:

Chrome Door Handle Cover

Chrome Door Handle Covers

Adding chrome to door handles can be an exciting yet easy way to boost the aesthetic appeal of your truck and bring a hint of luxury to its doors. Even though the change may appear to be minimal to untrained eyes, a car enthusiast can spot the difference from a mile away. The best part of chrome door handles is that they just stick right on the designated spots and are ready to be in a matter of few moments. Be prepared to receive some compliments because the handle cover will now attract the attention of many drivers passing by.

Fuel Door Cover

Chrome Fuel Door Cover

Want to show off some serious muscle? There is no better way to do it than use chrome fuel door cover for your truck. Today, many people like to stylize their vehicle by adding aluminum style fuel door that not only looks great but also offers added reliability against thieves who steal gas. Using chrome in fuel door is a highly affordable way to accentuate the overall appearance and get better overall protection without having to spend a fortune on installation.

Step Bar Fillers

Step Bar Fillers

This part of the car prevents debris from accumulating on the car's steps and stop your feet from getting stuck between the step bar and the truck's body. As mentioned earlier, chrome can be applied in a variety of places to accentuate a vehicle's exterior visual and make it stand out from the crowd. Utilizing chrome step bar fillers serves the same purpose as any other and gives it a newfound shine that will not go unnoticed.

Bug Deflector

Chrome Bug Deflector

The best way to keep your truck safe from bugs and small debris and boost the overall style is to install a chrome bug deflector. By matching the chrome of your truck's grille with a similar style deflector, not only will you have a customized street style but also top-notch exterior protection that will last for a long time. For an even more eye-catching appearance, match the chrome deflector with an attractive yet fully functional chrome vent visor. Why settle for OEM standard features when you can have the absolute best?

SuperDuty Tailgate Letters

Customization Options with Chrome

There are so many different ways that you can get creative that you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of ways you can customize your ride the way you want. Chrome can even make a luxury car appear more elegant while aiding racing vehicles to show off even more aggression. Chrome is by far the most common element used to brighten up an automobile that can be maintained with least amount of effort. With products from AVS (Auto Vent Shade), PDM (Precision Design Manufacturing), and Truck Hardware options are numerous through

Caring for Chrome

You may already know that most modern chrome accessories are easy to install because they can be fixed over the original equipment. But, just like every other metallic element, chrome to oxidizes and develops rust over time. You may go for a chrome plating of higher quality that will resist rust, but eventually, it will happen, and there is no other way to deal with it than regular polishing and removing. As long as the rust is just a coating and not deeply embedded, you should be able to return it to a reasonable condition by getting it polished. These type of jobs can be easily handled by SharpTruck’s line of Auto Magic cleaning, waxing, and polishing products.

There is no greater feeling than going out on a cruise in your Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-Series truck, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra, or Dodge RAM with the chrome elements shining out in the sun in all their splendor. If you haven't thought about installing chrome trim, it's time to do it now.

Are you tired of the standard OEM look and want to dress up your truck a bit?  Chrome and Stainless Steel trim transforms that run of the mill truck into an eye catcher. There is a huge variety available when it comes to adding chrome products to your pickup truck. Many manufacturers have contoured ABS plastic chrome that easily installs over your original door handles or other parts and installs in a breeze with 3M double stick automotive tape.

Do you want a Grille Insert?

Grille inserts are a popular accessory added to dress up and give the chrome look to your truck.  They are usually made of Stainless Steel with a high polish that closely matches the chrome shine of other accessories.  Precision Design manufactures inserts that are easy to install and fit perfectly on your trucks grille.

Looking for Chrome Door Handle Covers?

Chrome Door Handle Covers are quickly becoming the thing to add to your truck. They are easy to install and can quickly convert the look of your truck from bland to wow. Putco is a leading manufacturer of these along with many other chrome parts that shine your ride.

Searching for some Chrome Vent Visors?

Chrome vent visors really trim out your trucks contours. They are made of ABS and install exactly like the original window deflectors.  AVS has a great line of chrome visors that will keep the rain out of your cab but also flash some style down the road.

Want a Chrome Bug Deflector for you truck?

The ultimate way to protect your truck and match the chrome of your grille is to add a chrome bug deflector. There are different variations available with off the hood designs and on the hood like the AVS AeroSkin.  The AeroSkin is applied directly to your hood with 3M automotive tape and eliminates wind noise but really finishes the front of your truck.

How easy is Chrome Trim to install?

Most chrome accessories available today overlay the original equipment of your truck with no need to remove and replace parts.  Some items, like billet grilles, do require removal of the factory part and replacement to install. If you can line up the parts properly, most chrome goes on as easy as peel-and-stick.

Do you have Chrome accessories for my truck?

Chrome and stainless steel accessories are available for most late model Ford F150, Ford F250, Ford F350, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram and GMC Sierra pickup trucks.  We carry many of the top brands online from AVS, Putco, Stampede, Lund, Precision Design Manufacturing (PDM) and more. So dress up your truck with some mirror covers, taillight covers, ventvisors, bug deflectors, rocker panels, door handles and more with these awesome products from SharpTruck!

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