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Toyota Tacoma Vent Visors & Deflectors

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Add sleek style and functionality to your car, truck, or SUV with maximum-quality vent visors and deflectors. Window visors and sunroof visors from AVS, Putco, Stampede, and WeatherTech allow you to enjoy fresh airlflow on every ride. Deflectors from Stampede give your vehicle aerodynamic protection mile after mile.

What are Window Deflectors or Vent Visors?

Window visors and deflectors are the perfect way to maintain cabin comfort while adding a touch of style to your vehicle. Window vent visors allow you to crack open your windows without the worry of inclement weather or a blast of wind to get into your truck. Allowing air into the cab of your car or truck helps to keep the temperature down and helps to reduce frosting of windows in cold weather. Another reason to choose window deflectors is the clean, finished style that give your ride.

How do window visors install?

Most vent visors are available in two different styles. Tape-on or In-Channel. Tape-on vent visors are applied just how they sound, by installing with double stick tape, these visors are held securely in place and often times are a more economical chose between the two different styles. In-Channel vent visors give your vehicle a cleaner look by installing inside of the window track channels.

What are Tape-On Vent Visors?

What does tape-on mean when talking about vent visors? Tape-on vent visors, or window deflectors, install onto you car or truck With pre-applied automotive grade 3M tape. There is no drilling or additional tools need to install tape-on ventvisors, simply prepare the surface and stick the window visors in place.

What is advantage of tape-on window visors?

Since this style of visor tapes on with adheasive, installation is easy.  Clean and prep the car or truck, prepare area with alcohol pad, peel off backing tape, stick into place and you're done.  Since tape-on vent visors don't contact the window directly, you don't have to worry about issues with your window rolling up or cosmetic damage that can be done to the window.  Tape-on window visors are also better secured to your vehicle so you don't have to worry about them flying off as you run down the road.

What are other names for Vent Visors or Window Deflectors?

AVS, WeatherTech, Vent Visors, Window Deflectors, Truck Deflectors, Car Deflectors, Window Visors, Window Shades, Truck Shades, Rain Guards, Vent Shades, Window Vent Shades

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