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Dilution Ratio Calculator | Concentration Calculator

The SharpTruck dilution ratio calculator helps you precisely mix the correct amount of solution with water to achieve the desired mixture ratio based on the container size you have to work with.


If you need to know how to dilute or mix your car wash chemicals or you purchased some auto detailing supplies and were wondering how to dilute your detailing chemicals this dilution ratio calculator will work for you.  Simply enter the size of your container in oz and the desired dilution ratio and click the Calculate button.  The dilution calculator will also help you with the proper ratios for diluting car wash chemicals.

How to dilute a solution

To dilute a solution, you would simply measure the desired amount of concentrated solution then add enough diluting liquid (usually water) to make the total volume. You would want to let the new solution sit for a while to allow for maximum dispersion or stir or shake if appropriate.

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