Do I Need Brackets For My Gatorback Mud Flaps

So now that you've decided on getting the best looking and best quality mud flaps around, the question is "Do I need to get mounting brackets for installation?" Truck Hardware is developed mud flap brackets for a majority of domestic trucks. The answer to this question is more based on the make and model of your pickup truck.

Chevy/GMC Trucks-

If you have a Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra, you don't need brackets for the front ("Cut Style" mud flaps install inside of the wheel wells with self tapping screws). They do make custom fit support brackets for the rear of your truck. If you choose to get the custom fit mud flap brackets, you must purchase the "Full Style" mud flaps. On GM Trucks, if you have the plastic wheel well liners in the rear wheel wells, you may choose to not buy brackets since the wheel liners give you enough surface area to attach the mud flaps to.

Dodge Ram Trucks-

If you own a Dodge Ram Truck, you don't need mounting brackets for the front or the rear. Gatorback flaps are available in a "Custom Cut" front for the 2009-newer Dodge Ram Trucks. These mud guards install with the included self-tapping screws and attach flat to the inside of the wheel wells. The Gatorback flaps will work with or without factory trim or fender flares.

Ford F150 Trucks-

If you are the proud owner of a Ford F150 Truck, brackets are encouraged. Front brackets are available for the 2015-current Ford F150 pickups. The custom fit front brackets are a no-drill option for the aluminum body trucks. Rear brackets and support brackets are available for 2004-newer Ford F150 pickup trucks. Rear brackets must be used with the "Full Style" mud flaps and are a necessity on most Ford trucks since there isn't much surface area to mount the mud flaps to.


Universal Mud Flap Brackets-

Universal support brackets are available for use with most full-size trucks. They will be cheaper than the custom versions in many cases, but we always suggest getting the custom-fit mud flap brackets since the eliminate most drilling and modification need to work with your truck.


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