Du-Ha Storage: Top-notch interior truck organization

Real’ Rear Seat Storage

Is your rear seating area a welcoming environment for passengers? Do tools and equipment have to be bulldozed to one side or the other to clear seating space? Do you always find yourself scrambling to tidy the floor before family or friends hop into your Chevy Silverado or Ford F150?  

The rear seat storage solution designed by Du-Ha is made to fit Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Nissan and Toyota trucks. It’s a must-have for contractors, construction workers, sportsmen, busy parents, and beyond.

Built to fit directly beneath the rear seats, it’s a system that utilizes hidden space to create effective storage space. Made in the USA of high-grade polymer, the system is indestructible and resistant to corrosion, cracking or fading.

Hunting enthusiasts will reap the advantages of Du-Ha storage as this unit is recognized as a legal gun case in most states, and any order from SharpTruck includes gun rack/organizers.  

Storage Tote Creates Versatility

Looking for a less-fixed storage option for your truck or SUV? At 53 inches wide and 15 inches high, the Du-Ha Storage Tote Interior Box can be easily stored anywhere in the back of your truck or SUV.

The interior box has a lockable lid to provide extra security and block out moisture and dust. If you’re looking for a large-scale storage solution, most vehicles can store up to three of these totes side-by-side.

Once again Du-Ha has created a fantastic solution for hunters. Deer, duck, goose, and pheasant hunting enthusiasts have a concealed case in the Du-Ha storage tote that carries up to four shotguns or rifles with or without scopes.

Soccer moms and year-round sports families can use the box to safely store plenty of gear and equipment, avoiding the nuisance of constant clutter throughout your cab.

Du-Ha Tote Brackets Bring Extra Security

Looking for more security? This tote can be secured to your vehicle. SharpTruck offers the Du-Ha Tote Slide Bracket Kit, allowing you to have the box fixed to your truck or SUV, while allowing it to slide in and out for easy access to gear and equipment. 

Safe, secure, convenient gear storage for your truck or SUV is just a click away at SharpTruck.com. Which solution makes the most sense for you? Our customer service experts are available to answer your questions. Reach out to our experienced team at (800) 218-0609.



If you have questions about installation, reach our truck accessory experts at (800) 218-0609 or email at support@sharptruck.com

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