Easy to Install 12v LED Strip Light By Access

Below you will find a few tips on how to install the Access 12v LED Strip light into the bed of a truck. They are available in 12”, 39” and 60” sizes, providing the perfect amount of light you need.

For these lights all you are going to need is a 12-volt power source for them to work. That means if you have access to a car battery, boat battery or trailer wiring that will power this light and brighten up the area you install it.


Tools Needed:

  • A tool to remove your model of tail light
  • Multi meter to test light
  • Electrical tape


  1. Remove the tail light on the side of the vehicle you want to install the light
  2. With the tail light powered on isolate the positive and negative using your multimeter
  3. Now power off you tail light and remove a portion of the insulation from the wires without cutting them.
  4. Pick a spot in your truck bed where you are going to install the light.
  5. Clean that area and dry that area as you will be attaching the light with 3M adhesive. The cleaner the area the better the light will stick
  6. Route the wire from the light to your power source
  7. It’s time to fasten the light to the box of the truck. Simply pull the backing off the 3M tape and stick the light where you want it
  8. With the light adhered you can hook up the wires.
  9. Attach the black wire of the light to the wire you have determine to be negative using the multimeter
  10.   Attach the red wire of the light to the wire of the truck that is positive
  11.   With the light hooked up to power test the light by simply pressing the On/Off button. If the light turns on you are ready to finish up
  12.   Wrap any exposed wire with electrical tape making sure it is all covered
  13.   Reinstall the tail light and you are done.

The Access 12v LED Strip Lights are waterproof, use high quality 3M tape and feature a built in On/Off switch.

If you need light in a truck bed, camper trailer, enclosed trailer, ice house or any dark place close to a 12V power source you can go wrong with this product.

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