EGR RollTrac Electric Retractable Bed Cover

$2,150.00 - $3,100.00
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  • Matte finish is scratch-resistant, retracts without trapping dust and debris
  • Open/Close anti-pinch feature eliminates cargo damage or injuries
  • Smart ECU/Variable speed control for fast operation & senses interference
  • Factory central locking integration - locks with your truck
  • Child lockout feature to eliminate button tampering
  • Can be securely locked in any position along the rail
  • Aluminum construction for maximum durability and security
  • Miniature dent resistant poly canister to maximize bed space
  • 700 lb weight rating - easily carries bed racks, roof top tents, and more
  • Accessory T-slots on bed rails for customization - works with all major rack brands
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EGR RollTrac Electric Retractable Bed Cover

Product Overview

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The RollTrac electric smart cover is the world's most advanced tonneau cover. This premium aluminum bed cover is engineered to rigorous global manufacturing standards and has been awarded 10 international patents. The RollTrac hard tonneau cover features anti-pinch technology that eliminates cargo damage, as well as smart ECU variable speed control for quick open and close operation. Reinforced with tamper-proof security to deter button tampering. Seamlessly integrated with your vehicle's central locking system, this bed cover automatically locks in sync with your truck.

With an impressive 700 lbs weight rating, RollTrac stands out as the sole truck bed cover capable of tackling both off-roading and supporting heavy accessories like bed racks and roof top tents. Unlike competitors, this tonneau cover employs factory mounting points for a rock solid attachment to the truck bed. Bid farewell to flimsy C-clamps that break easily or slide off the bed rails, offering superior protection for your valuables.

Engineered to endure the most challenging conditions and resist tampering, this aluminum truck bed cover is constructed for extended durability. Beyond its robust security features, this rolling tonneau cover offers unprecedented levels of protection within the hard tonneau cover market. Furthermore, it adds a distinctive style to your truck, cementing its spot as the best tonneau cover on the market.

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