Fire D Deodorizer

  • Removes toughest odors: Smoke, pet odor, etc
  • Treats up to 10,000 cubic feet
  • Kills odors in one shot
  • 5 oz Aerosol can
  • Contains no CFCs
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From: Robin on September 5, 2018
Work great for pet smells!
Great customer service!  Got my order very fast and was pleased with the results!
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From: Lisa on July 7, 2017
Fast shipping friendly service!
The product was shipped faster then expected and the product does what it says. Very good service will order again!
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From: Robin on July 5, 2017
Fire D Deodorizer Review
As an apartment manager we often come across units that may have an odor that we cannot get rid of no matter how many times we clean.  We tried Fire D Deodorizer and will be using this as a part of our maintenance/cleaning efforts going forward.  This is the only thing that COMPLETELY has taken the smell out of the stinky units.  This is a MUST have for any stubborn odors you may have.  Sharptruck was very knowledgeable with helping us find this great product, ordering was effortless, and shipping was fast. Can't recommend this company enough!
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It will help with that smell. Just make sure that whatever caused the odor is cleaned up.
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Admin answered on 7/28/2017
Fire D will take smoke smell out of the house as good as any product out there. Just make sure that once you use the product you do not have anyone smoking in the house. Cigarette smoke can also seep into all the surfaces of the house. A fresh coat of paint also goes a long way to sealing in the smell that seeps into the wall.
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Admin answered on 9/13/2017
You do not want any living animal in the room while using this. The rabbits would need to be moved.
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Admin answered on 10/30/2017
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Use FIRE D ONE SHOT AEROSOL FOGGER to kill after-fire odors in automobiles and other small enclosed areas where a fogging machine would be awkward or electrical power is not available.

Directions for use:

For total release:

  1. Close all doors and windows and turn off any fans or air conditioners.
  2. Eliminate all ignition sources, pilot lights etc.
  3. Place the can in the center of the area being treated
  4. Spread a newspaper or rag etc under the can to protect the area
  5. Remove the lid from the can and flip it upside down
  6. Press the lid down until it locks in place. This will start the fogging
  7. Leave the area undisturbed for 1 hour and then ventaliate for 30 mins

For spot use:

  1. Can be used to treat mild odor problems as well
  2. Lightly press down on the cap and misting the area with short bursts

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TypeAir Fresheners
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