Floor mats and floor liners: What’s the difference?

We’ve all had it happen: A nasty spill on our vehicle’s floor. A hazardous bump in the road, sharp turn, an abrupt stop, or simple clumsiness can be one of many culprits.

Spills are frustrating, but when they happens in your new F150, Silverado, or Dodge Ram, it hurts just a little more… unless you’re equipped with a quality floor mat or liner.

Mats vs. Liners

If you want to protect your truck’s carpet/interior from the elements, either a floor mat or liner will get the job done. Each creates a barrier preventing water and dirt from penetrating into the floor of your truck or SUV. The main difference is how each looks, fits, and feels on the floor.

Floor mats are available in custom fits, but are generally universal that can be trimmed to fit your application. Liners, on the other hand, are custom designed to hug every contour of the specific make and model of your vehicle, providing unparalleled protection.

Generally the less expensive option, floor mats are soft on your hard-working feet. Rubber Queen, Dee Zee, Husky are industry leaders mats that are tried, trusted, and look fantastic on your floor.

Floor liners are especially built to withstand these elements. Mother Nature knows how to wreak havoc on your interior. Mud, rain, and snow introduce continual water and dirt for days at a time. 

If you’re looking to beef up your interior defenses, turn to Husky and WeatherTech for protection that simply can’t be beat.

Don’t forget to protect against the stains and smells that arise from staples of the working man. Gasoline, oil and other strong chemicals have no penetration against the defense of a floor liner, especially since they’re typically customized to cover every inch.

The protection and coverage you get from floor liners can't be beat, especially if you're looking to preserve your vehicle's resale value.

No matter what you drive, fending off unwanted floor hazards is made easy with SharpTruck floor mats and floor liners.

Our goal is to make your truck look its best

At SharpTruck, we know your truck is your pride and joy. Keeping your interior clean and stain-free can be easily done with the right floor mat or liner. If you have questions about which option is the best fit for your ride, reach our customer service experts at (800) 218-0609.

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