Ford Raptor Mudflaps

Gatotback Ford Raptor Mud Flaps

The Ford Raptor was created for the truck owner who wanted something a little different in their Ford F-150. If you wanted a standard pickup you would not be driving a Raptor or even a Ford F150 for that matter. With all the options out there what is a sure fire way to make your Raptor stand out? The Truck Hardware Gatorback mud flaps are sure to do the trick.


These flaps are unlike anything else on the market right now. First, Truck Hardware starts is a piece of premium heavy duty virgin rubber as the backbone of the mud guard. Each flap is almost 5lbs meaning it will be able to knock down or deflect almost anything your truck is going to kick up. This will protect your truck and whatever you are towing. After the rubber a piece of high quality stainless steel is die stamped with the appropriate logo. The die stamping process ensures a perfect outcome every time. Each stamp will produce the perfect logo, in perfect proportion and ratios. This way the logo won’t look awkward or out of place. It will be the perfect representation every time. Now with the plate has been stamped it goes to a person and not a machine to have the vinyl overlay applied. Having a person as opposed to a machine do this will make sure that if there are any irregularities they plate will not make it out of the warehouse. Only a perfect flap will be shipped to your door.

You might come across some cut rate imposters, but don’t let them fool you. They use lower quality materials that will fade over time, not hold up as well to driving conditions and just over all deteriorate faster. This is one case of you get what you pay for.

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