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Heavy Duty Seat Cover Protection For Trucks

Are you an avid hunter or want to add some quick protection to your truck from your family pet?  Then the Aries Seat Defender is the perfect seat cover for your truck.  The Aries Seat Defender is a heavy-duty slip on seat cover that protects the bench and backrest of your pickups seating area. 

These truck seat covers are water proof and resistant to cuts, tears and scratches from dog claws.  The video below shows just how quickly you can install and remove these seat covers.  Whether you are heading out for a day of hunting or just dirty from a hard days work, simply slip this cover on and you don't have to worry about the interior surfaces of your vehicle getting dirty.  Clean-up is also a breeze since these universal seat covers are machine washable.

We have many truck seat covers, custom seat covers and universal seat covers for your cloth or leather seats.  You can be sure that your vehicles is protected with many great products found here.


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