How Does A Bug Deflector Protect Your Vehicle

How does a bug deflector protect your vehicle?

Asking what the job of a bug deflector seems silly, don’t you think? After all, bug deflectors should deflect bugs, right? Its name is pretty straightforward, but then it seems like that is just too simple! With that, you still might wonder if this bug shield does deflect bugs and how it works. Let’s discuss the nitty gritty details of how a bug shield works.

What are bug deflectors for?

The effectiveness of a bug shield or bug deflector depends largely on the style of bug deflector that you choose. It is important that you choose the right deflector if you want it to work the best on your truck or SUV. First, let’s explain exactly what a bug deflector is supposed to do.

There are two main tasks that a bug shield is intended to accomplish. The first is to redirect the air flow up and away from your hood to redirect bugs upward and in turn there will be fewer splats of bugs on your windshield. Secondly, it should be able to absorb the impacts from bugs, stone and other stuff that might hit the front edge of your pickup truck. This way, the shield takes the full brunt of the bug splats and other debris and helps to keep your windshield clean. On that note, you need to find a high quality stone shield or bug shield that is capable enough of bearing the force of impact and holding up long term on your pickup or SUV.

What are the benefits of bug deflectors?

The question is – do these bug deflectors actually work? With the assistance of a hood mounted bug deflector, there is a way that a majority of these bugs could be swept up over your car keeping your windshield free of splatter. The bug deflector is a small molded strip of acrylic right across the hood of your truck and creates enough upstream of air for the bugs to get swept up instead of getting splattered on your window glass.

Of course, there will still be a fair share of bug splatter on the other exterior surfaces of your vehicle but that is unavoidable. The great thing about bug deflectors is that most bugs will not impede your vision through the windshield. As such, they are quite effective and really do help, but not all bug deflectors are the same. There are bug shields that are truly wind tunnel tested and are designed carefully for altering the airflow. The advanced aerodynamics of these bug deflectors is a bit complex but that’s why buying a top brand shield is important to know that you are getting a quality product that has been backed up by research. Every vehicle is slightly different than the other in design and other aerodynamic factors, so as you would guess not one single bug shield fits every vehicle out there. Finding the proper shield to fit your vehicle is one of the top considerations when choosing a bug deflector.

Tips on finding the right bug deflector

When shopping for that bug shield for your truck, car or SUV, there are a few simple tips that can help you in choosing the right one. Start by looking at name brand shield from manufacturers like Weathertech, AVS, Putco, Stampede, Lund or others since these manufacturers have spent countless amounts of time in development and testing to provide a quality product. Simply choosing a random deflector for your vehicle will not do because every car is designed different than the other. With that, search for shields that are specifically designed to the make and model of your vehicle.

Here are a few other tips when choosing the bug shield for your truck:

  •          Choose a deflector that is custom designed specific to the make, model and year of your vehicle.
  •          Find a bug deflector with a good aerodynamic design that is formed to your vehicle.
  •          Many shields are available with no-drill installation using fasteners that utilize existing factory holes
  •          The best deflectors are usually made of aerospace-grade acrylic. This is virtually indestructible and prevents cracks or scratching and is designed for long term use.

Many manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their products to let you know that they stand behind their products 100%. Now that you are ready to buy, SharpTruck is the store that you can trust for the best products and truck accessories online. Finding a great product that matches the look and style of your truck will leave you happy for years and not having to worry about cleaning the windshield of bugs every time you are at the gas station!

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