How it’s Made: Truck Hardware Gatorback Mud Flaps

Truck Hardware’s Gatorback Logo Mud Flaps at are garnering attention as one of the most visually appealing and physically durable offerings on the market.

With the quality and care that goes into the manufacturing process, it becomes clear how Truck Hardware has raised the standard to a new level.

STEP 1 - Cutting

The first step in the process of Gatorback Logo Mud Flap production begins with a CNC machine and a sheet of stainless steel. The machine laser cuts the steel into the perfect shape.

It’s a matter of moments before this raw plate is bent and stamped to create a great looking and functional result for your Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford F150, Toyota Tundra, or Dodge Ram.

STEP 2 - Bending

The bending of the plates is next step. A CNC brake press operator creates flanges  and forces the steel into a shape that allows it to have that clean, secure fit to the flap. Each plate is handle by a person ensuring nothing other than a perfect plate makes it to the next step.

Exceptional quality is one of the most noteworthy aspects of Gatorback Logo Mud Flaps. Part of this is due to the fact the steel logo plates fit securely to the flap and stay there without coming partially loose or shifting.

Truck Hardware takes no shortcuts in making a mud flap you can proudly mount to your vehicle.

STEP 3 - Die Selection

When it comes to having a vehicle that matches your specific taste, Truck Hardware puts customization at the forefront with its impressive library of custom officially licensed dies.

Gatorback mud flaps come in a variety of options for passionate brand loyalists. The possibilities are endless!

STEP 4 - Stamping

This step bring aesthetics to the forefront. It’s time for this blank piece of stainless steel to get a true identity.

Once the die is selected, it goes on a hydraulic press to be indivdually stamped.

STEP 5 - Applying the Decal

Next up is a process that requires the careful and skilled work of human hands.

A steady handed professional hand-applies the decal to the plates one at a time. At this point, the stainless steel has completed its process of going from raw material to a serious piece of truck dressing.

STEP 6 - Put the Plate on the Flap

Finally, the finished plate is assembled onto the rubber Gatorback mud flap, creating a final product that is begging to be purchased, efficiently installed, and put to rigorous use.

Do your truck’s mud flaps need a replacement? Are you looking to add a touch of SharpTruck flair to your vehicle? If you have general questions about the Truck Hardware Gatorback Mud Flaps, reach our truck accessory experts at (800) 218-0609 or email at

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