How do I Clean and Prevent Scratching of my Vehicle's Paint

Thank you to for the great video on cleaning your vehicle properly! It’s almost summer which means it’s almost time to show off your car or truck! Washing your vehicle can be a difficult thing to do correctly. Especially if you are trying to keep your vehicle’s paint in tact for the long run. Almost every car or truck on the road has small scratches or inconsistencies, because washing was done incorrectly for many reasons. Follow along below for some great tips and steps to keep your vehicle clean!

Benefits of Washing Properly

  • Minimize scratching
  • Minimize “love marks”
  • Avoid water spots
  • Avoid soap drying stains

Things You’ll Need

  1. Five-gallon buckets (2)
  2. Grit guards on bottom of each bucket (2)
  3. Paint soap
  4. Water
  5. Power washer or hose
  6. Wash mitt
  7. Microfiber towel
  8. Drying agent (optional)

Steps to Washing your Vehicle Properly

  1. Gather items listed above
  2. Setup items beforehand
  3. Add soap to bucket, inside of mitt, and outside of mitt
  4. Then fill bucket ¾ full of water
  5. Then fill rinse bucket ¾ full of water
  6. Heavily rinse vehicle with a hose or power washer
  7. Immediately after, work the wash mitt top to bottom
  8. Dunk the mitt every 5 or so times to maintain high soap level
  9. Then thoroughly rinse the vehicle again top to bottom
  10. Use microfiber cloth to dry and remove any excess dirt

Once finished your vehicle should be looking extremely shiny and clean. But if it is still dirty, don’t be afraid to repeat the process to get your vehicle as clean as it can be! For all of your auto detailing needs and products click the link below as SharpTruck has you covered!

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