How to Clean Leather Car Seats - with video

Cleaning leather seats in your vehicle is important. Whether you just bought the vehicle and your seats are brand new or the seats have been neglected up until now. Leather is a porous material that does a great job of holding onto dirt, grease, or oil from your body. This will build up over time, as this happens the leather will dry out and cause it to crack and become unsightly.

Keeping your seats cleaned and conditioned is not a difficult job if you have the right products and tools. At SharpTruck we carry everything you will need to get the job done right and quickly.

Tools You Will Need to Clean and Condition Your Leather Seats:

    • Leather/Vinyl Brush

      - There are a couple of options you can go with:
      • A horse hair brush is a great choice because the bristles will not damage the leather.

      • In our video we used the Hi-Tech Vinyl and Leather brush. This is a one of a kind brush that will allow you to get into all of the crevices and seams of your interior. The soft felt underside will get your seats clean without damaging them.
    • Microfiber Towel

      - You will use this to clean off any excess cleaner before you condition the leather
    • Leather Cleaner

      - We used Auto Magic #57 Vinyl and Leather Cleaner - This is a ready to use cleaner that just needs to be sprayed on to the leather and agitated with a brush to clean the leather. There is no need to dilute or mix this product

    • Leather Conditioner

      - Auto Magic #58 is a great choice, this is a lanolin based conditioner that will help keep your leather soft and from cracking.

    • Applicator Pad

      - You will use this to apply the leather conditioner to the leather. You can use any type of pad, a clean wax applicator pad works well. We used a 4"x6" terry applicator pad.

Steps to Cleaning and Conditioning your Leather Seats:

  1. Remove any large particles from the seats, crumbs loose dirt, etc
  2. Spray the leather cleaner on the seats. Make sure you cover all the leather, do not over saturate it.
  3. With the brush, scrub the leather making sure you get the entire surface and stuck on debris and dirt or stains in the leather grain.
  4. Dry the surface of any remaining cleaner with the microfiber towel. This will make the leather look dried out.
  5. Apply the leather conditioner with the applicator pad. Put the leather conditioner on the pad and simply wipe on the leather. You will see that right away the leather will have a renewed look. It will look moisturized and almost new.

You can apply leather conditioner without cleaning your seats every time. But we do recommend to clean your seats on a regular basis for best results.

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