How to Install WeatherTech No-Drill Mud Flaps on a Chevy Suburban

How to Install WeatherTech No-Drill Mud Flaps on a Chevy Suburban

If you want to Install Weather Tech No Drill Mud flaps your self you are in luck. There is not a mud flap out that that is much easier to install. WeatherTech has done a great job of making a product that is easy to install, works great and will not cost a ton of money.

Every set has been laser measured to ensure a perfect fit with your vehicle. The attention to detail that has been put into these flaps when they were being designed helped make them easy to install with no need to drill into your truck.


Installing WeatherTech NoDrill Flaps on a Chevy Suburban:

  1. Turn your wheel so you have access to the screws in the wheel well
  2. Remove the bottom two screws in the fender and the 2 bottom plugs
  3. Place the flap in the wheel well and line up the 4 holes on the flap with the 4 holes in the wheel well.
  4. Reinstall the top 2 factory screws. Only loosely secure these so there is room to adjust the flap.
  5. Now install the 2 bolts that were supplied by WeatherTech and fully tighten these
  6. Line up the edge of the flap with the edge of the fender and tighten the factory screws.
  7. Turn the wheels to the opposite direction and repeat these steps for the otherside.

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