How To Protect Your Truck From Rusting

When the rainy season or winter months hit, you have to protect your truck from rusting due to water, salt and other road debris. Automobile manufacturers have improved the process over the years to help prolong the finish of your truck and prevent rust, but there are a number of preventative measures that you can do, and aftermarket accessories that you can add to help keep your truck looking as good as the day you bought it.

Salt, rain and snow are a bad combination and can lead to an accelerated chance of rust developing on your pickup. The products below will help keep you on the path of a spotless truck.

How To Protect Your Truck From Rusting-Rust Prevention

Regular Exterior Washing Of Your Truck

The most common, and easy, prevention of rust on your vehicle is regular washing which cleans away contaminants that are on the surface of your paint. Take good care to use a good car wash soap and finish the surface with a fresh coat of wax to whisk away dirt from your truck.

Use A Premium Car Wax On The Surface Of Your Truck

After an extensive washing of your pickup, use a premium was to protect the surface from dirt and contaminants like salt that can lead to the formation of rust.  Strawberry Wet Wax is a great carnuba wax from Auto Magic that will shine and protect your bodys finish.

Install Heavy Duty Mud Flaps On Your Truck

A great way to prevent rock chips from forming which can then lead to rust is to install a mud flaps on your truck. Mud flaps are available in many different styles to keep your truck looking stylish, but they provide great protection from road salt and other debris that is projected up onto your vehicle as you roll down the road. Razorback Mud Flaps from Truck Hardware are made of heavy-duty rubber and provide superior protection from rocks flying off of your tires.

Use Rubberized Undercoating On Exposed Metal

If you've noticed areas of your truck frame that have become exposed to the elements, a simple measure to repair this is to thoroughly clean the area and re-coat with a high quality rubberized undercoating. Undercoating acts as a barrier between mother nature and the steel frame of your pickup truck. Rubberized undercoating from Hi-Tech is an easy to use spray on coating that protects exposed metal from rusting.

Use Truck Bed Liner Coating To Repair Scratched Bed Liners

Scratches and gouges can form in the finish of your spray on bed liner leaving bare metal exposed to the air. Hi-Tech has developed a good product for repairing these imperfections in the form of a aerosol spray. Works similar to a rubberized undercoating but is designed for use on your pickup truck bed.

Performing regular preventative maintenance with help prevent grime and salt buildup. These products are a great start on keeping your trucks body free of rust. See more of our great products here at!

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