How to Repair A Spray On Truck Bed Liner

If you have a spray on bedliner in your truck you have probably been happy with its performance. It has more than likely done its job of protecting your truck bed from damage that can happen from hauling anything other than pillows. Since the material that is used to seal and protect your bed is super tough sometimes it can be hard to find the something to use to repair. it

SharpTruck and Hi-Tech products have just what you are looking for. The Hi-Tech Truck Bed Coating is simply a bed liner in a can.


This will make repairing your spray in truck bed liner, simple, quick and easy.

How to Repair A Spray On Truck Bed Liner:

How To Repair A Spray On Truck Bed Liner With Hi-Tech Spray On Truck Bed Liner

  1. Make sure that this is used outdoors or in a well ventilated area, like an open garage and the temperature is about 50°F
  2. Clean the surface you want to protect of all rust, oil and grease and allow it to dry
  3. Tape off the area to avoid any overspray
  4. After shaking the can for 1 min, hold away from the surface about 10" and spray in a back and forth motion with slight overlaps with each pass.
  5. If there is some overspray remove it right away, do not let it dry. If the overspray is still wet mineral spirits will do the trick. If it is dry use Xytol
  6. To get the best coverage apply 2 coats. After the first coat let it dry for 1-2 minutes then apply the second.
  7. Let it dry for at least 1 hour if the temperature is above 70°F, if it is colder or more humid let it sit longer.
  8. Once it has fully if there is a need to recoat repeat the process.
  9. Do not haul anything in the bed for 72 hours for best results. If it is used before that the liner might not be fully cured and it could chip or be damaged.

Don't limit yourself to using this just for truck beds. This poweder coat works great for protecting all kinds of things on your vehicle:

  • Spray it in your wheel wells to help prevent chips that quickly can rust
  • Use it on the underside of running boards and step bars
  • Spray it on your sill plates to prevent chipping and scratching
  • If you're wanting to put some new life into your faded liner. Just use this to spray right over top of the old liner and it will look brand new

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