IK FOAM Pro 2+ Professional Sprayer - 1.9 Liter

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  • Designed for the generation of dry and durable foam to be used with chemical agents with surfactant properties
  • Equipped with three mixers (orange, grey and green) - allow to vary the type of foam by choosing between wet, intermediate or dry foam
  • Has a compressed air connector located in the sprayer head that allows the insertion of air into the tank
  • 1.9 Liter - 64 ounce capacity; 1.25 L - 42 Oz of useful capacity
  • Provides the user with a dense, permanent foam

IK FOAM Pro 2 +

In a particularly advantageous way the Foam Pro 2 + sprayer has a compressed air connector; An inlet valve located in the sprayer head that allows the insertion of air into the tank thanks to its universal schrader valve for connectors worldwide.

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The IK FOAM Pro 2+ Professional Sprayer - 1.9 Liter - 81678 is an advanced foam sprayer designed for car detailers who require exceptional performance and reliability. With a 1.9-liter capacity, this sprayer is ideal for applying foaming products like car wash soaps, wheel cleaners, and other detailing chemicals. The IK FOAM Pro 2+ boasts a robust and durable construction, with an ergonomic design and an adjustable foam nozzle for tailored foam output. Foam Pro 2 + can be actioned two different ways: manually or with the compressed air connector. This valve is widely used in the field of pressurized tires. It enables the tank to be pressurized by means of generic compressor modules such as those intended for tire inflation. The air connector makes the pressurization process faster and easier by using widely commercially available devices with no need of manually pumping it. High-quality components ensure longevity and consistent performance, making the IK FOAM Pro 2+ a valuable tool for any car detailing professional. 

It is equipped with three mixers (orange, grey and green) which allow to vary the type of foam by choosing between wet, intermediate or dry foam.

With the use of the foam there is an increase in the contact time between the chemical and the surface to be cleaned, cleaning fabrics and upholstery avoiding excessive soaking which generates the appearance of fungus and bacteria, and finally having greater visual control of the sprayed surface.

Primary Uses:

  • Applying foaming car wash soaps and wheel cleaners
  • Pre-treating surfaces with foaming degreasers or other detailing products
  • Use in other industries for cleaning, sanitation, or pest control applications

Why Use This Over Other Products:

  • Durable and robust construction designed for professional use
  • 1.9-liter capacity suitable for various detailing applications
  • Adjustable foam nozzle for customizable foam output
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and efficient use

Directions for Use:

  1. Fill the IK FOAM Pro 2+ with your chosen foaming product, following the product's dilution instructions
  2. Securely attach the sprayer head to the container
  3. Adjust the foam nozzle to achieve the desired foam density and output
  4. Pump the handle to pressurize the sprayer
  5. Aim the nozzle at the target area and press the trigger to apply foam
  6. Allow the foam to dwell on the surface for the recommended time per the product's instructions
  7. Agitate the foam with a detailing brush or mitt, as needed
  8. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water to remove the foam and product residue

Best Practices and Safety Information:

  • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when using chemicals or detailing products
  • Ensure proper ventilation when working with chemicals to avoid inhaling harmful fumes
  • Follow the instructions and dilution ratios provided by the product manufacturer for optimal results
  • Clean and rinse the sprayer thoroughly after each use to maintain its performance and longevity

Cleaning and maintenance of the sprayer:

  1. Depressurise the sprayer and clean it with water after every use
  2. Collect and dispose of the residual amount according to the legislation, prescriptions, and applicable regulations
  3. In the event of obstruction of the nozzle, clean it with water and do not use metallic objects
  4. If the filter of the handle is clogged, remove it and clean it with water
  5. Store the sprayer under cover, avoiding freezing temperatures and extreme heat (between 5°C and 30°C)
  6. To prolong the life of the seals, regularly apply grease to the moving parts of the sprayer

BrandIK Sprayers
Weight2 lb(s)
WARNING: Some products may contain chemicals such as DEHP, which can cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more info go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov
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