Jade Graphene Lite Ceramic Spray - 8 oz

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  • Forms an invisible shield that defends your painted surfaces - protection from rain, UV rays, dirt and grime, road salt, corrosion, and environmental fallout
  • Suitable for any and all surfaces, paint, plastic, glass, wheels, vinyl
  • Astounding strength and durability - It will protect your surface for at least 9 to 12 months
  • Replace waxing and sealing - more hydrophobic than wax and has longer lasting protection
  • Benefits of traditional ceramic coating but is easier and quicker to apply
  • Leaves a deep, mirror-like shine on your paint - Your surface will be easy to keep clean because the Jade Graphene Spray Coating repels contaminants
  • 16 oz bottle with spray head

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Graphen Lite is a less active version of the reduced graphene-oxide modified cermaic coating.  The modification with rGO results in a highly hydrophobic, exttremely smooth and glossy top coat coating that can be applied as a stand alone protection or over the top of more durable, less slick base protection.  Grahpne Lite is a very beginner friendly ceramic coating offering and serves as the entry-level for those new to working with coatings.


  • Your surface should be as clean and smooth as possible before applying the Jade Lite Graphene Spray Coating.  Compounding and leveling should have already been completed to remove scratches and blemishes.
  • Spray and wipe your surface with the Jade Ceramic Prep Cleaner to remove oils and polishes before applying graphene coating
  • Spray product into an applicator pad, and use a slightly overlapping pattern when applying. Do one panel at a time out of direct sunlight.
  • Use a clean microfiber to buff product into the paint like a traditional spray wax.  Observe for flash and rainbowing while wiping into paint.
  • Ensure all rainbow streaking has been wiped clear as an indicator that product is still present.
  • Apply as liberally as desired and with as many coats as desired, allowing 5-10 mintues between coats.  Product will flash and cure very quickly
  • Suitable for any and all surfaces, paint, plastic, glass, wheels, vinyl

BrandJade Ceramics
Length3 inch(es)
Width3 inch(es)
Height10 inch(es)
Weight2 lb(s)

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