Lake Country HDO CCS Black Foam Finishing Pad - 5.5" Face - Single Pad

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  • Great for finish polishing on all black, dark or soft paints
  • Silky foam with a dense body creates the ultimate finishing pad
  • CCS Technology offers additional cooling and improved control
  • Designed to offer a durable foam pad specifically for long-throw (15mm and 21mm) dual action polishers
  • Maintenance-friendly, ensuring a long service life with proper care

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The Lake Country HDO CCS Black Foam Finishing Pad - 5.5" Face - Single Pad is a high-performance tool designed for use with long throw orbital polishers, embodying the pinnacle of polishing technology for automotive professionals. This single pad is part of Lake Country's Heavy Duty Orbital (HDO) series, which is renowned for its dual-layer design that combines the advantages of both thick and thin pads, along with a tapered profile for precision and an exact-fit style for enhanced user experience. The pad is specifically engineered to deliver maximum performance and durability under heavy-duty conditions, making it an ideal choice for achieving a flawless finish on any vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Foam Interface: Offers an improved contour and feel, enhancing the user's control and comfort during the polishing process.
  • Precision Sizing: Ensures optimal performance by perfectly matching the pad's size with the backing plate of the polisher.
  • Slow Absorption: The CCS (Closed Cell Structures) pockets are designed to increase working time by slowing down the rate of polish absorption.
  • Prevents Skipping: Promotes better pad rotation, allowing for a smoother operation and reducing the risk of skipping across the surface.
  • Material Blend: Specifically formulated for defect removal and achieving a high gloss finish.
  • Dual Layer: Increases the pad's durability and reduces heat build-up, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent results.

Usage Recommendations:

This Black Finishing Pad is recommended for the final step in the polishing process, where achieving the ultimate gloss is the goal. It's best paired with a random orbital DA polisher and is compatible with a 5" backing plate. The pad's 1" thickness and engineered foam provide the perfect balance of firmness and flexibility for finishing applications.

Best Practices and Tips:

  • Pad Preparation: Before use, ensure the pad is properly centered on the backing plate to prevent imbalance and vibration.
  • Polish Application: Apply polish sparingly to avoid over-saturation, which can reduce the effectiveness of the CCS pockets.
  • Working Technique: Maintain even pressure and work in overlapping passes to ensure uniform coverage and finish.
  • Heat Management: Regularly inspect the pad for heat build-up and use the center ventilated cooling channel to dissipate excess heat.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Clean the pad after each use to remove polish residue and maintain its performance. Avoid using high-pressure air or water, which can damage the foam.

Maintenance Overview:

  • Pad Washer: Use the System 2000 or System 4000 Pad Washer with PureFlo Technology and Snappy Clean Boost Pad Cleaning Powder for effective cleaning.
  • Machine Wash: Wash pads in a gentle cycle with cold or warm water, using Snappy Clean Boost Pad Cleaning Powder, and air dry.

The Lake Country HDO CCS Black Foam Finishing Pad - 5.5" Face is a testament to Lake Country's commitment to innovation and quality in the detailing industry, offering professionals a reliable tool for achieving exceptional finishes.

Brand Lake Country Manufacturing
Weight 1 lb(s)
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