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Toyota Tacoma Light Bars & Lighting

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LED Light bars and aftermarket lighting upgrades are the hottest thing online for trucks and SUV's.  SharpTruck has you covered with the top brands in the business to make your lighting upgrade a snap.  Adding an aftermarket light bar will turn night into day when you venture out into the backwoods. Replacing your standard headlights with HID or high-output LEDs is also a great way to improve your driving experience.

SharpTruck features premium-quality lighting from brands such as Westin, Vision X, and KC HiLites. You can find LED lighting in the following categories: Truck Light Bars, SUV Light Bars, Off Road Light Bars, and ATV Light Bars. We also have a selection of cube lights, flood lights, fog lights, brackets, accessories, and more!

What is an LED Light Bar?

An LED light bar is a strip varying in length with several LED bulbs on it. Since LED's are highly efficient, they provide a great amount of light from a small package. Adding a light bar to your truck or SUV can make off-road adventures and night driving safer and more enjoyable.  LED light bars are the most searched for item in LED Lighting.  Adding one to your truck not only adds personality, it improves your field of view in the darkness.

I have a full-sized truck, what size of LED light bar do I need?

The length your truck or SUV needs depends on where you intend on installing the LED light bar. Every vehicle is different and the mounting locations vary depending on personal preference. Measure the maximum length that will fit in the space you intend to install on your truck or SUV, then find a length that is slightly shorter than that to allow for wiring and mounting connections to your light bar. The longer the length of light bar the more lumens that you’ll get out of it, so maximizing the space you have available will make a big difference in light output.

What is a CREE LED?

CREE LED lighting is brighter than standard LED lighting. This is why many SharpTruck products are spot-on for those seeking brilliant beams… and the durability is unrivaled. CREE efficiency is incredible and the lifespan, in bulb terms, is practically infinite. The estimated duration of a CREE LED is a whopping 30,000 hours. If you’re looking for the light of a lifetime, CREE is a more-than-worthy suitor.

How long does it take to get my LED Light Bar?

SharpTruck stocks most of lighting products we sell! Shipping is usually same day, but since these products are selling fast, ship times may be longer. If we don’t have your lighting in stock, we will try everything that we can using our network of warehouses to get the products to your door as quickly as possible so you won’t be left in the dark.

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