Locker Down EXxtreme Console Safe - Bucket Seats

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Part #: LD2085EX
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  • Heavy 12 gauge cold rolled steel console vault with additional 10 gauge plate on top for added security
  • Welded tab and notch seams
  • 3 point locking system resists prying
  • Drill resistant locks
  • Easy 10 minute installation
  • Must be assembled inside console
  • Counter balanced door with spring assisted hinge for easy opening
  • Comes standard with 4-dial lock
  • Only safe in industry with lifetime warranty

Lock'er Down Overview

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Here is a Lock'er Down safe installed. This is part number LD2040EX

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The LockerDown EXxtreme Console Safe. Building upon the robust features of the original LockerDown Console Safe, the EXxtreme version introduces advanced elements for those who seek an extra layer of protection for their valuables. Let's delve into the specifics that make this safe a superior choice for safeguarding your possessions.

Enhanced Structural Integrity: The LockerDown EXxtreme Console Safe is constructed from heavy 12 Gauge steel, providing a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. What sets the EXxtreme version apart is the additional 10 gauge steel plate on top, significantly augmenting its security. This extra layer effectively eliminates pry points, making it exceedingly difficult for intruders to gain leverage.

Effortless Installation: Maintaining the convenience of the original model, the EXxtreme Console Safe can be installed swiftly and easily, typically within 10 minutes. It employs self-tapping screws for a secure attachment to your console, ensuring a straightforward setup process.

Optimized Door Design: The counterbalanced door with a spring-assisted hinge remains a key feature, allowing for smooth and easy access to your stored items. This design ensures that you can retrieve your valuables quickly and without hassle.

Versatile Lock Options:
The LockerDown EXxtreme Console Safe continues to offer the largest selection of lock options in the industry, catering to a variety of security needs:

  1. Standard 4-Dial Combination Lock: Ideal for situations where multiple users need access, this lock offers 10,000 possible combinations for secure, keyless convenience.
  2. Metal Encased Electronic Lock with Keypad: For those who prefer modern security, this lock features a 10-button touch screen, allowing for a customizable 1 to 15 digit code, complete with a clutch knob and an audible alarm for added security.
  3. Abloy Lock with 2 or 3 Keys: Renowned for its hardened-steel construction and pick-proof design, the Abloy lock is exceptionally resistant to physical attacks and environmental challenges, making it a robust choice for any setting.

Lifetime Warranty: Your investment in the LockerDown EXxtreme Console Safe is backed by a lifetime warranty, reflecting our commitment to your long-term security and satisfaction.

The LockerDown EXxtreme Console Safe is not just a secure storage solution; it's a fortress for your valuables. With its enhanced structural design, versatile lock options, and user-friendly features, it stands as a pinnacle of security technology. Whether for personal items, sensitive documents, or high-value assets, the EXxtreme Console Safe offers an unmatched level of protection, ensuring that what matters to you stays safe and secure. Choose the LockerDown EXxtreme Console Safe for an elevated sense of security and a steadfast commitment to safeguarding your valuables.

BrandLocker Down
Length18 inch(es)
Width14 inch(es)
Height4 inch(es)
Weight12 lb(s)

  • 2024 Ford F-250 Super Duty
  • 2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty
  • 2024 Ford F-450 Super Duty
  • 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty
  • 2023 Ford F-350 Super Duty
  • 2023 Ford F-450 Super Duty
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