Maintenance Tips for Truck Hardware Gatorback Mud Flaps

In terms of functionality, Truck Hardware’s Gatorback Mud Flaps are like most flaps on the market. They’re engineered to take mud and debris that kicks up from your tires head-on while you travel. This protects your truck or SUV, as well as other vehicles that may encounter yours on the road.

But… There is one primary difference between the gatorback mud flaps and most others out there. While mud flaps were made to get wet and muddy, the Truck Hardware Gatorbacks were also made to get noticed thanks to the stamped, stainless steel, licensed vehicle logo options they provide. Due to this unique level of aesthetic excellence added to your Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, RAM, or GMC Sierra, you’ll want to go to uncommon lengths to keep them clean.

The beautiful stainless steel finish makes these mud flaps a candidate for oxidation, discoloration, and other contaminants. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your mud flaps is important to preserving a fresh look.

Here a few reminders of what NOT to use on your stainless steel flaps:

  • Chlorine bleach or Chloride-based cleaners
  • Oven cleaners
  • Steel brushes, steel wool, or scrubbing pads that are highly abrasive
  • Dirty water, as well as gritty or extensively hard water. This can leave brownish stains.

Stainless steel-safe metal polish and a foam pad are all that’s required to restore the shine on Truck Hardware mud flaps. Use the pad to work the the polish into the stainless steel logo portion of the flap,

Work the polish in 1-2 minutes (or as long as necessary) to remove oxidation or discoloration. Let the polish sit for a few minutes 

Making this cleaning procedure part of your routine for the Truck Hardware Gatorback Logo Mud Flaps will preserve yours for years to come.

Watch the cleaning process in action! 

At SharpTruck, we know that driving a first-rate ride is all in the details. Keeping your mud flaps clean is one important way to take care of the ‘little things’ that makes your truck or SUV awesome. If you have questions about which cleaning options are right for your truck, reach our customer service experts at (800) 218-0609 or email,

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