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As LED lighting technology continues to evolve, so do LED light bar product offerings available through With its brilliant, dependable beams in a variety of patterns, LED light bars are available in different sizes and styles to fit virtually any Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, RAM, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra, or whatever truck you rely on to get the job done.

Here is a primer on our light bars, with the essential facts, figures, and visuals included:

Access 6" LED Light Bar

Price: $54.95
The Rundown: The perfect solution for basic off-road lighting. Need extra illumination for a snow blower, ATV, or dirt bike? The Access 6-inch Light Bar is the perfect accessory. Installation is simple with a single bolt and 18.5-inch lead wire.

    • 6 High Intensity 3 Watt LED's
    • 1,200 Lumens
    • Easy bolt on mounting
    • Perfect for ATV/UTV's

Access 21" LED Light Bar

Price: $339.35
The Rundown: If you’re looking for a combination of spotlight and floodlight beam patterns, the Access 21-inch LED Light Bar is a brilliant option. Encased in waterproof, die-cast aluminum housings, this versatile light bar give ultra-bright output, rated to last up to 30,000 hours.

    • 12 High Instensity 10 Watt LED's
    • 10,800 Lumens
    • Sliding Adjustable mounting track

Totron Double Row LED Light Bars

Price: 120.00-315.00
The Rundown: Featuring two rows of dazzling LED illumination, the Totron Double Row LED Light Bars are ready to light your next off-road truck or ATV adventure. Critters and obstacles can be easily spotted, keeping your ride safe.

    • Available in lengths 8" - 50"
    • Straight and Curved bars available
    • 2880 Lumens up to 23040 Lumens
    • Includes Universal "L" mounting brackets
    • Includes Wiring Harness Kit

Totron Single Row LED Light Bars

Price: 85.00-420.00
The Rundown: Available in 10-inch, 20-inch, 22-inch, 30-inch, 40-inch, and 50-inch lengths, the Totron Single Row LED Light Bars offer versatility based on the type of mounting you’d like to do. Totron Light Bars feature High-Quality CREE LEDs and include wiring kits plus universal mounting brackets to make your install a breeze!

    • Available in lengths 10" - 50"
    • Straight and Curved bars available
    • 2460 Lumens up to 21600 Lumens
    • Includes Universal "L" mounting brackets
    • Includes Wiring Harness Kit

KC C Series LED Light Bars

Price: 169.99-949.99
The Rundown: Looking for a balance of rugged performance and extreme affordability? The KC HiLiTES entry level C-Series LED Lights and LED Light Bars are a compact and versatile solution for your Jeep, Truck and SUV.

    • Available in lengths 10" - 50"
    • Available in White and Amber Colors
    • Includes Wiring Harness Kit

Putco Luminix LED Light Bars

Price: 161.99-1409.99
The Rundown: Don’t let the size fool you. Putco’s high-power Luminix LED Light Bars deliver lighting that is 300 percent smaller than competitors on the market. Each bar comes fully assembled and ready to mount on your truck, ATV, or anything you’d like to equip with this streamlined, brilliant lighting system. An ideal solution for narrow openings.

  • Available in lengths 6" - 70"
  • 1200 Lumens up to 27600 Lumens
  • Straight and Curved bars available
  • Includes Wiring Harness Kit
  • Adjustable Mounting Brackets included

Vision X EVO Prime LED Light Bars

Price: $249.00-$2499.00
The Rundown: A gold standard in LED illumination, the Vision X Prime LED Light Bars possess the most lumen output per square inch of lightbar. Featuring 10-Watt LEDs, the Evo makes use of Prime Drive Technology, which manages heat levels to help your light bar last even longer.

  • Available in lengths 5" - 51"
  • Single and Double Row bars available

Vision X Xmitter LED Light Bars

Price: 139.00-1599.00
The Rundown: A trailblazer in the industry, the Xmitter LED Light Bar was the original Vision X LED Bar. The Xmitter has been tested and proven by the best, including the US Border Patrol and NASA. Whether you’re looking for off-roading, commercial, or recreational usage, the Xmitter is up for any challenge.

  • Available in lengths 5" - 51"
  • Single and Double Row bars available
  • 720 Lumens up to 18000 Lumens

Vision X Xmitter Low Profile LED Light Bars

Price: 155.00-1399.00
The Rundown: With a low profile, this light bar fits virtually anywhere and also uses Prime Drive Technology to manage heat levels, prolonging the life of the LEDs.

  • Only 2.08" tall
  • Available in lengths 5" - 50"
  • 10° Narrow Beam or 40° Wide Beam Available
  • From 3 LED Bulbs up to 39 Bulbs

Vision X XPR LED Light Bars

Price: 359.00-1279.00
The Rundown: Welcome to the next generation of LED light bars. The Vision X XPR LED features 10-Watt LEDs and IRIS Reflectors to achieve unrivaled distance and twice the light output of the XPI Series.

  • Available in lengths 5" - 51"
  • 6474 Lumens up to 29133 Lumens
  • Includes Wiring Harness Kit
  • Includes both Patented Feet Mount or End Mount

Which light bar is the best fit for your truck, SUV, or off-road vehicle? is manned with customer service experts to assist with your LED lighting questions. Reach our team at (800) 218-0609 or email

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