Polished Stainless Steel License Plate | Mirror Finish

There are very things that are standard on all vehicles, whether it is a pick up, car or SUV they all have a spot for a license plate. If you are someone who likes to fit in with the crowd and not have something that is different, well stop reading. If you want your vehicle to really look great you will love the Truck Hardware Gatorgear License Plates. They are made from cold formed 304 stainless steel and polished to a high mirrored shine. There is really no way to miss them. There are 25 different styles to choose from, whether you want the Ford Oval, Laramie Longhorn logo or are a High Country owner. All of the logos are officially


These plates have a very heavy duty, high quality feel to them. This means that when you get this installed it will only last a year or two and start looking bad. As long you wash these when you wash your vehicle they will last for years to come. if you have the Gatorback mudflaps on your vehicle the same metal is used for these plates. It is some of the highest quality stainless steel you can find. The logos are die stamped on each plate to giving the logo a 3 dimensional look and more contrast than if it was just vinyl badging.

All of the plates come with the hardware needed for installation and have pre-drilled holes so there is no need to drill or pop holes in them for installation.

The Gunmetal finish is the same high quality stainless steel but has a titanium coating. This gives the stainless steel license plate a unique grey color.



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