Rain-X Alternative - Auto Magic Seal-It

If you are looking for an alternative to Rain-X for treating your windshields Auto Magic Seal-It is what you are looking for. This is a sealant that can be used not only on your windshield, it can be applied to the body of your vehicle, headlights, side windows etc.

When you apply Seal-It to your windshield and windows it will help repel water like you would expect, but it will also help keep bugs and other grime from sticking your your glass. If there is something that sticks Seal-It will make removing it much easier.

Applying Seal-It to your paint will protect it like a tradional paint sealant. It will add a glow like a wax but will protect for a longer than a wax, also the next washing you will notice that everything comes cleaner a little bit easier. It will work on plastic molding as well.

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