Review of the Truxedo Lo-Pro Tonneau Cover

Spring is here and keeping the bed of your truck dry and secure is only one click away by purchasing a tonneau cover for your truck bed. There are a variety of different covers available today, so which one is the right choice for you? We've tested many different covers and we believe that one of the best overall quality truck bed covers available is the Lo-Pro from Truxedo. This cover has many high end features that make this bed cover very weather resistant including continuous rubber gasket seals on the front and rear of the bed and side sealing bed rails featuring top-of-the-line Velcro.

The Truxedo Lo-Pro sits less 3/4" above your truck bed and is covered with a vinyl-coated leather grain fabric that is one of the strongest in the industry today. The cover is backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty so you can be sure that this cover is built to last. For those of you that are patriotic, these roll-up covers are all manufactured in the USA as well.

Operation of the Truxedo Lo-Pro couldn’t get much easier. An easy to reach, one handed latch on the drivers side of the truck releases the cover. Roll the cover back to the cab and secure with the straps that are provided on the head rail and you are ready to have full use of your truck bed. Many roll-up covers visually look the same, but the Lo-Pro features sliding Velcro rails that allow the cover to naturally expand and contract in varying weather conditions without causing the cover to get loose, buckle or cause wrinkles in the cover… that is why this Truxedo cover is a step above the competition for quality. The Lo-Pro also features automatic tension controls at the front of the rails. The spring-loaded design of these allow you to set your covers tension and forget about it! Many of the lower end covers that we've tested require regular adjustments to keep the cover tight, but you’ll never have that problem with the Lo-Pro.

If there is one thing that Truxedo has perfected with the Lo-Pro Roll-up bed cover, it’s the ease of installation. The two side rails line up with your bed rails and attach with 4 (or more depending on your truck) aluminum clamps per side to more than secure the rails to the truck. Other manufacturers tend to get away with only 3 clamps, but Truxedo spares no expense with this awesome tonno! After the side rails are mounted, the last step is to set the bulk head rail toward the front of the pickup truck on top of the rails that you just mounted… now here is the best part, Truxedo has designed this cover to simple lock in place with a sliding lock on the bulk head that attaches it to the side rails. No need to bolt them together like other models require you to do, this also makes it extremely easy to remove the rolled up cover if you need every inch of your truck bed for hauling.

Besides all the great features of this cover, why do we recommend the Truxedo Lo-Pro to our friends, because of the sleek, low profiled look that this bed cover adds to your truck! You can find the perfect fit to step up the style of your truck here at!

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