Rubber Mud Guards For Pickup Trucks

Are you looking for good quality cheap mud guards for your light-duty pickup truck? Its hard to find a good pair of universal mud flaps now days that you don't have to pay a bunch of money for. The Razorback mud flaps from Truck Hardware are the perfect pair if you're looking for heavy-duty flaps at a low price.

Razorback Rubber Truck Mud Flaps

The Razorback series mud guards add heavy duty protection to your truck and feature embedded stainless steel plates. These universal fit flaps are 12" wide by 22" tall and can be used on most vehicles with the included stainless steel mounting screws. There are many choices of mud flaps available online today, but most of them are made of a cheap, light-weight plastic material that just doesn't hold up for very long in all weather conditions. The 1/2" thick rubber of these flaps stay pliable in all temperatures and can withstand the vigorous abuse that your truck can throw at them. They hang approximately 8" below the body line of the pickup once they are installed and do an excellent job of deflecting rocks and other road debris protecting the finish of your truck. The embedded stainless steel plates add a high shine to finish the look of your truck but also help to eliminate sailing that can happen as you drive at highway speeds. Since these flaps are universal, every installation will be slightly different, so simply hold them up inside of the wheel well of your truck and drill them into the lip of the body with the included self tapping screws (Tip - Pre-drill the holes to eliminate the chance that the flap might move during installation, start with the top screw and level the mud flaps to the ground before continuing with the other screws).


You'll be please that you bought these Razorback flaps, because for the price that you pay here at SharpTruck, you're dollar can't be better spent!

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