Step Up Safely with AMP Research

Do you ever have difficulty stepping in and out of your truck?

For some, the answer to this question is, “Yes, but running boards cramp my style… too gaudy.”

AMP Research Power Step Running Boards

AMP Research has solved this problem with its Power Step Running Boards.

Invented, engineered, and built in America, the PowerStep Running Boards are safely hidden until you open your truck door. Once you’re ready to step, this innovative product from AMP Research is an electronic red carpet for your truck, extending outward to usher you safely in or out. When you close your door, it’s back to improved appearance and aerodynamics, as the running board collapses back to its hiding place.

Additionally, LED lighting helps you see where your running board is, ensuring a sure, secure step wherever you are at any time of day.

In terms of toughness, don’t let the ‘electric’ part fool you. AMP has engineered this product to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it safe and reliable for any Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, or Toyota Tundra… rain, snow, or shine.

AMP Research Truck Bed solution

Do you frequently get in and out of your truck bed? For some, that initial big step to the rear bumper can be a tedious one. AMP Research’s BedStep Truck Step allows you to, with a simple kick of your foot, extend an extra step that boosts you to the bumper.

The perfect solution for any farmer, rancher, construction worker, landscaper, or the general heavy hauler, the BedStep gets you in and out safely and efficiently while hiding out when not in use.

Want a first-hand look at how the BedStep looks and functions? Check out the short video on our Instagram page.


While the PowerStep Running Boards require drilling (minimal) and basic electric acumen, the product is designed to be installed out of the box in 1-2 hours.

Installation for the BedStep consists simply of linkage and a step. The linkage attaches to the frame of the driver’s side bumper, no drilling needed. The installation instructions call simply for a socket wrench and hex wrench.

Stepping in and out of your truck is made easy thanks to the ingenuity of the AMP Research PowerStep Running Boards and BedStep Truck Step.

Any questions? SharpTruck understands your desire to provide premium protection for the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle. is manned with customer service experts standing by Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm CT to answer your questions about grille guards, bull bars, and bumpers, simply call us at 800-218-0609.

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