Time to Get Tough: A Primer on Grille Guards, Bull Bars, and Push Bars

Pop quiz: What type of vehicle damage is most common?

In 2010, Wyoming Tech surveyed nearly 20,000 collisions to determine the answer to this question. Not surprisingly, the two most common areas of damage were to the front bumper and headlights, respectively. The grille finished fourth on that list.

Featuring heavy-duty protection for your vehicle’s often-vulnerable front end, grille guards, bull bars, and push bars are among the most return-on-investment focused accessories available for your truck or SUV.

Whether you use your truck for work or for play, protecting your front end is a key component to maintaining your vehicle. Grille guards and heavy-duty bumpers not only give you a more aggressive look on the road, they protect your truck when you are faced with emerging obstacles during your off-road adventures. Animals, debris, obstructions, and even other vehicles create hazards along your path.

Additionally, this time of year, the dangers of traveling on snow-packed and icy winter roads can leave you one skid away from front-end dents, dings, and cracks to your Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Ford F150, GMC Sierra, or Toyota Tundra.

How does a bull bar help?

A bull bar or push bar is an aftermarket product that is designed to protect the front end of your truck or SUV from minor collisions. Though they come in many shapes and sizes, they are typically constructed of welded steel or aluminum tubing. Generally they mount to where tow hooks are located. This would require removing tow hooks if you truck has them. If your truck does not have tow hooks there is generally a location where there could be mounted, this is where you will put the tow bar. Always check your installation unstructions first before installation.

What is the advantage of a grille guard?

Like a bull bar or push bar, a grille guard is manufactured to protect the front end of your truck or SUV. Looking to cover a larger surface area? A grille guard will cover and protect more front-end real estate than a bull bar or push bar. Most grille guards are comprised of steel and can be found in stainless, chrome, or black, allowing multiple options to suit your preference.

Looking for committed, proven brands with a history of providing quality front-end protection? Dee Zee, Lund, Westin, Go Rhino, and Ranch Hand carry options that ensure you’ll be rolling with the best the industry has to offer for bull bars, push bars, and grille guards.

How can I find a heavy-duty replacement bumper?

Looking for a rugged replacement bumper? The toughest product on the market is a Ranch Hand replacement bumper. Made of welded steel and ready to frame mount, Ranch Hand’s Legend and Summit series bumpers are custom-made to give your truck a perfect fit and provide a front-end barrier that’s built to last.

Do you have any questions? SharpTruck understands your desire to provide premium protection for the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle. SharpTruck.com is manned with customer service experts standing by Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm CT to answer your questions about grille guards, bull bars, and bumpers, simply call us at 800-218-0609.

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