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Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Covers

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Tonneau covers are used to cover and protect the cargo bed of your pickup truck. They are available from a wide variety of manufacturers and come in either hard or soft versions. The main job of a bed cover is to cover and conceal your cargo. Hard tonneaus open by folding in sections. Soft covers open by rolling up to the cab of the truck. SharpTruck provides all options for you to easily haul tools, equipment, and additional cargo in the bed of your truck. The extra security provided by a tonneau cover lets you have peace of mind that your personal items are secured... out of sight and out of the sun!

What is a roll-up tonneau cover?

Roll-up bed covers are usually made of a soft vinyl that attaches to a bedrail system with snaps or Velcro. This type of bed cover is not only the most popular style on the market, but also the most affordable option. The cover on a roll-up does what it says, rolls up, allowing quick and easy access to your pickup truck bed.

What is a tilt-up tonneau cover?

Tilt-up or hinged bed covers are made from either hard or soft materials. They are lightweight and durable, giving you a more secure option for protecting your cargo. Most tilt-up covers are removable depending on the manufacturer. Adding a tilt-up tonneau is like turning your truck bed into a trunk.

What is a folding tonneau cover?

Folding bed covers are available in a variety of custom setups. Some come in two or three panels that fold up for quick and easy access to your cargo.  Since folding covers usually have solid panels, they provide excellent truck bed and cargo protection.

What is a tool box tonneau cover?

If you have a tool box in the bed of your truck and also want a tonneau, a tool box tonneau is just that. Tool box bed covers are engineered just like a roll-up but are custom made to allow full access to your hammers, wrenches, and saws. These tonneaus are great options for those who use their truck for work.

SharpTruck carries products from the top brands in the business! Whether you drive a Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, Dodge Ram, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra or any other pickup truck... we'll have the perfect fit for your vehicle!

What are the origins of tonneau cover?

'Tonneau' (also sometimes misspelled as 'tonno') is derived from a French term meaning "barrel or container." In the early 1900s, tonneau covers were a fixed element that could be added at the point of purchase. The first models featured a rear-facing hinged door, with single and dual side doors being introduced soon after. Early race cars and sports cars often used them to cover unused passenger seats and reduce drag. Today, tonneau covers are predominantly used by pickup trucks to minimize resistance and create a tight bed seal.

I have no experience installing a tonneau cover. How long will it take me?

Anyone with a modest level of mechanical ability can usually install a soft tonneau cover within 30 minutes to an hour. A hard tonneau could take up to two hours. Accurate installation is critical for both types. Tonneaus that are difficult to close or don't make your truck bed water-tight will limit the effectiveness of your cover.

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