Top 5 Truck Accessories For The Summer

Are you looking for essential truck accessories for the summer?  Your pickup truck isn't complete without a few must have summer accessories.  We have everything your pickup needs to be functional and just plain look cool for the summer.  Here are the Top 5 Truck Accessories for 2016.

1 - Tonneau Covers

Have you ever placed something in the back of your truck only to have it rain on you 10 minutes later? That is why adding a roll-up tonneau cover is a necessity!  Not only will it keep your cargo covered and dry, it also adds a level of security that what you have under the cover is out of sight of thieves.

2 - Gatorback Mud Flaps

Nothing adds to the look of your truck like a set of Gatorback Mud Flaps. You might think "mud flaps, those are for old guys", well you're wrong!  Truck Hardware has come out with a top of the line flap that adds to the look of your truck with OEM Licensed logos in a variety of styles to keep that unsightly mud off of your truck.

3 - Vent Visors/Window Deflectors

There’s nothing like walking out to your car after work when the windows have been closed and sitting down into a sauna!  Adding a set of vent visors like the WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors allows you to leave your windows open without the worry of a summer rain to get your truck wet.  The added ventilation will keep your truck cooler and will also look cooler in the process

4 - Floor Liners

Another essential product are floor liners.  They are available from many manufacturers and are formed to perfectly fit your truck.  Rain or dirt stand no chance to a great fitting and looking set of floor liners.  Easy to clean, just remove from your truck and rinse.

5 - LED Light Bars

Heading out for a weekend in the backwoods?  Adding a LED Light Bar is a great way to cut through those late nights!  Makes a great way to light up that gathering point after an evening in the wild.  Light bars run off of your vehicles 12V power source but provide many times the Lumens of the standard headlights.  Lund makes a Bull Bar with an incorporated LED Light Bar that not only has the style, but the extra function off the road.

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