Mud Flap Brackets for Pickups

Whether you need to put mud guards on your Ford F Series truck by law or you just like the way they look, installing them can be a little tricky. The reason for this is becuase Ford trucks do not have a lot in the wheel wells to mount the flaps to without brackets. Some makes have wheel well liners which offer enough support to mount the inner portion of the flap to.

SharpTruck carries a full line of mud guard backets made by Truck Hardware that will allow you to install your mud flaps. Whether you have flaps that are 12" wide, 14" wide or dually flaps we have what you need. Below are the options universal options, these will fit in any wheel well. SharpTruck does also have Customer Fit/No Drill Options avialble as well.


Universal Brackets 12" Heavy Duty "L" Brackets


Universal 12" Heavy Duty "L" Brackets - GB758053 - $38

These brackets mount on the pinch weld of the wheel well and have an optional extention that you can use to attach to the outside fender for extra support. If you do not want the custom fit optoin above this is your next best bet. They will require little or no modification and offer the best supprt for the flap.


Universal 12" "L" Brackets


Universal 12" "L" Brackets - GB755990 - $25

These brackets also mount to the pinch weld of the wheel well but do not have the extension for extra support and also would require some modification to fit in the wheel well of the Ford truck. We recommend the Heavy Duty brackets above when installing flaps on a Ford.



Offset or "Kickback" Brackets

They are made for truck with oversized tires. These brackets move the flap further away from the tire so they will not rub on the flap. There are options to move the flaps back 5/8", 1", 1.5" or a full 2" inches back from the tire in order to accomidate the largest of oversized tires. These brackets install in the wheel well and work with all makes and models.


Universal Offset BracketsThese brackets fit inside the wheel well and the flap mounts to the very bottom of the bracket. This will allow you to adjust the length of the flap if you have a lifted truck. You will need to cut your flaps to the size you prefer.  With these stainless brackets they mount to the fender and will offer the perfect compliment of chrome to your vehicle and flaps.





Universal Offset Brackets | Powder CoatThe powder coated brackets are the same as the stainless steel offsets, they have just been coated with a tough powder coating to tone down some of the shine from the stainless and give another level of toughness. 





Universal Dually Brackets

Universal Dually Mud Flap BracketsThese brackets mount similar to the single rear wheel brackets. They have an extenstion that mounts to the fender to offer the extra support the heavy duty dually flaps require. Along with these universals SharpTruck and Truck Hardware have custom fit brackets as well.


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