WeatherTech Floor Liner For 2016 Chevy Silverado

So you just picked up your sweet new Chevrolet Silverado crew cab truck... now is the time to protect your investment with a custom fit pair of WeatherTech DigitalFit Floorliners. Now that you've taken the time to choose the perfect Chevy Truck, don't waste any time adding the ultimate coverage with these floor liners.

The WeatherTech line is available in Black (446071), Tan (456071) or Grey (466071). These front seat floor liners replace your OEM carpeted floor mats and are custom made to fit Silverado models without the 4x4 shifter on the floor and without full center console.

If you also want the matching rear floor liner for the 2016 Crew Cab Silverado, they are available in Black (445422), Tan (455422) or Grey (465422).  The rear liners cover all of the exposed carpet surfaces and will help to keep your truck looking as new as the day your bought it.


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