Why it’s Important to Wax your Vehicle

Buying a car can be a big investment, it will likely be one of the biggest transactions of your life. Keeping your car clean and waxing it will protect and add life to the paint and clear coat. This will make sure your vehicle will look great longer and the paint not fade when being exposed to UV rays.

Are you still on the fence as to whether your vehicle needs to be waxed? Let’s take a look at exactly why it is important to wax your car. There are a couple of more in depth things to know about the importance of waxing your car. You should know about water damage, sunlight protection and rust protection. Hopefully knowing this will help you make the decision to get some wax and help keep your vehicle looking new for as long as possible.

Water Protection

An indication of a well waxed auto is the fact that the water will bead up and glide right of the vehicle. This is vital because it means that there’s a layer of security in between the paint of your car and the water. Having a good wax on your car will also help prevent water spots. These are really noticeable on dark colored vehicles. Even the most excellent paints with clear coats could be affected by heavy rains or spray from driving on wet roads. Eventually, without wax the paint will fade and not have the brilliance and luster that you had when you bought the vehicle. This protection can be had by simply applying wax. Consider using Auto Magic Paste Wax, this is an old school classic wax that traditionalists like to use. It comes in an easy to open can is applied just like in karate kid. Wax on, Wax off.

Sun Protection

The sun is another natural enemy to the paint and finishes on your car. The harsh UV Rays from the sun will cause the paint to grow fainter. Not having a coat of wax allows the UV rays to directly penetrate through the paint and fade it. What is more, once water pools on the car, it could act like a magnifying glass. If you want a wax that will give you great protection and also not have the waxy smell most waxes have, Auto Magic Strawberry Wet Wax is for you. This is a bestselling wax that has a great strawberry fragrance and is an easy to apply carnauba cream wax. This wax works great with foam applicator pads.

Rust Protection and Prevention

Another important protection that wax provides your car is to help prevent rust. Now don’t get me wrong, wax doesn’t not directly prevent rust and once rust is on your vehicle wax will not remove it.  What wax will do is it will help keep water from getting under the paint or in any scratches that will then allow rust to form. This includes moisture from humidity or sea air, or morning dew that could seep through. The layer of wax that you apply on your car will offer additional protection against this rust causing moisture and give additional life to your vehicle.

Fills in Scrapes and Scratches

Make no mistake; waxing cannot remove scrapes and scratches from your vehicle. On the other hand, it could help by filling some of them in. If thin or low cuts are filled in they turn out to be less visible or not apparent at all. Filling in cuts and scratches could be a preferable option to get rid of them because it does not need the elimination of some clear coat. The types of imperfections you can expect will be helped with waxing would be the scratches that if you run your fingernail over them it will not catch.

Another great solution SharpTruck has available the is Hi-Tech Scratch Eliminator Pen. This will permanently seal the scratch or scrape and is fully dried in under 7 minutes.

Here is a great article on how to correctly wax your vehicle to take advantage of all the benefits of waxing.

Hopefully we have been able to let you know the many reasons a good coat of wax on your vehicle is important and how it will keep your vehicle looking great for years to come. If you have ever asked the question, “Do I Really Need to Wax My Car?” It has been answered.

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