Why You Should Use Mud Flaps or Mud Guards

Why are Mud Guards Important?

It doesn’t matter if you have a car, truck or SUV, having mud flaps is a must. Why are mud guards so important, you may ask? These easy to install accessories deflect grime and dirt, keeping your truck clean and mud free even while driving at high speeds. Mud flaps, popularly known as splash guards or mud guards, offer great protection from many weather conditions and loose debris on the highway. While driving, your tires are constantly throwing up mud, dirt, rocks, tar, salt, water as well as other elements common on the road. All of this harmful slush, road grime as well as debris splatters onto your vehicles paint and in time can cause corrosion of the metal and damaging the paint on your truck, leading to unsightly rust to your vehicle and also its frame.

Mud flaps will not let you down in defending your truck

Mud flaps are a good investment for any vehicle. It’s a reasonably cheap car accessory that will save you time and money in the future. Mud flaps provide stress-free maintenance while keeping your ride in a good shape through extreme weather conditions, whether it be dry pavement, rain or snow. The elements which come in contact with the exterior of your vehicle can cause grime, chip and stains to form causing rust on the metal components of your vehicle. A lot of people think that splash guards are not essential to use, but there are many advantages that you get from this simple car accessory, particularly for those who reside in areas with snowy or rainy climates. Splash guards are the first line of defense as a protective barrier between the tires and the wheel wells.

Perfect protection for off-roading

Mud flaps are also a necessity for off-roaders since you find yourself driving on harsh road conditions that always present the obstacles of mud, road rocks, and other hazardous elements. Mud guards are available in various styles and materials that make them able to handle the rigors of off-road use. Custom-fit mud flap brackets allow the owner to set the flaps back from the wheels allowing extra clearance for trucks equipped with oversized off-road tires.

What type of mud guards should you utilize?

Plastic splash guards are usually seen on cars where limited protection is needed while heavy-duty rubber mats are usually the best choice for use on pickup trucks. The main advantage of rubber mud flaps is durability. Rubber mud guards are more durable than plastic but are also more flexible, therefore better for full-sized trucks because of the additional protection & coverage that they offer.  Hard plastic and rigid rubber mud guards aren’t as flexible and won’t last as long in harsh environments in most cases.

Mud flaps are easy to clean and maintain. Dust and dirt can be wiped off with no trouble while tougher dirt can be washed off with soap and water. Automatic car washes are no problem for a good set of mud flaps when you provide ample cleaning and care.

There are many different types and styles of mud flaps available at SharpTruck. Molded plastic, rubber and stainless steel mud guards are available in a variety of options from universal fit to custom no body drilling options. The ultra-durable rubber mud flaps, like the Gatorback series from Truck Hardware, offer the highest level of protection for your pickup truck available today. Custom molded plastic flaps are popular if you want to have an OEM or factory looking mud flap. The molded plastic mud guards, like the WeatherTech No-Drill Mud Flaps, are a less costly option as opposed to the heavy-duty rubber mud flaps. Some mud guards provide not just serious top-of-the-line protection, but also eye-catching appeal to your ride with Chevy, Ram, Ford or GMC logos, these stylish flaps provide premium gleam as well as rigid defense.

Now you know… ready to buy?

Now that you know how essential the mud flaps are to your truck, it’s time for you to choose the best one for you. Mud flaps are relatively low-cost in regards to truck accessories that protect your investment. By installing these accessories you’ll be saving a huge amount of money as well as precious time on future car maintenance all while keeping your car, truck or SUV looking as good new. You can buy these great truck accessories and more here at SharpTruck, one of the premier online providers of truck accessories including mud flaps. Be sure to browse our complete line of mud flaps online at Sharp Truck!

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